Digital Poster Used In Business Reception Locations

When ever architect designs an office block or company head office, the most important thing they want to do from the very beginning is to make a good impression, this can run from the sociable receptionist and now digital menu boards are being used.

In this digital age, a digital poster can be used as “an all day merchant”, the ads that is uploaded can consist of information on the corporation, its history and its product range then when anyone from a touring sales executive to a potential client is waiting in the greeting area they can see what your company are all about.

These LCD advertising screens differ is size and based on your finances anything up to an 80″ LCD monitor is probable, these are an all in one solution and providing you have your media created on a PC and saved on to a memory card, the solution is ready to go as soon as you take delivery of the box, all you need to do is unpack the digital poster, pop in the storage card and plug the screen into a power socket and then run through the onscreen menu, to set it up how you want.. Using even the most fundamental of digital posters you will have features such as rolling text, displaying video, images in a slideshow presentation or PowerPoint presentation with sound.

To refresh the ads all you need to do once you have created other media is save it to a flash drive and then go to the digital poster and insert the Flash drive into the internal media player and refresh the media.

With digital signage growing in reputation most organisations are seeking at investing in some category of dynamic advertising for the future and if one company knows it’s rivals are investing in dynamic signage they make investments too as they don’t want their rivals to have an unfair benefit.

Graham is the the leading manufacturer of a range of monitor enclosure, these are supplied along with their outdoor LCD enclosure to digital signage integrators throughout the world, now they also offer an indoor solution a digital poster.

TReasons to pick Digital signage in Retail

Digital signage in retail is continuing to grow at a fast pace and is keeping by and large a huge effect on the consumer. There are many reasons for which this medium has become so popular and preferred by most of the businesses around. In fact, digital signage in retail is the future of marketing and advertising of products. It is now an industry that is thriving on the various aspects of the industry of retailing. The largest use of the digital signs is outside for the retail sector in terms of advertising their product.


The reasons why digital signage in retail has come up as such an important aspect of most of the businesses is because there are different benefits of the types of signage that are present –


Promotion: Earlier the services and products of a company were promoted through the poster, static signs and the flyers. However, this is no longer an effective medium. Consumers are more prone and also adjusted to the interactive medium of digital signage in retail. The posters no longer seem attractive to them in any way. This is also the reason why most of the retailers are shifting towards noticeable digital medium.


Flexibility: Advertising through the digital medium is flexible. It enables the retailers to promote the message. Each and every message for various businesses is tailor made. Since the medium is flexible, it is possible to change and also update the content of the signage from time to time. Like the digital signage can change accordingly, in respect to the day or the time of the year. If any fast food joint is catering food, then the lunch menus can be promoted and changed accordingly. For digital medium it is not necessary to change the screens and or keep someone to replace the content. It could be programmed right into the software and anyone can reprogram it as and when needed.


Effective: It is found that the people can double the amount of their business by using the digital signage. One can count the people who are coming in, into their store. If this is compared to what it was before and what it is now, then it would be seen that the number has doubled. Placing the digital signage in front of the store is helpful because people at least come in to take a glance. One can then improvise to convert that number into real business.


Outdoor efficiency: It is possible that those who are passing on around a store would notice the digital signage better than if an ordinary hoarding is put there. In fact the outdoor signs that are present is enabled in such a manner that the people who are stationed quite far from the store can read the signs.



Advertising: It is possible to sale the advertising space as well. It adds extra revenues on the overall profit. Side by side, this extra income can be used elsewhere to create general income for the person.



Resus offer forward thinking advertising solutions in the Digital signage market place.

Digital Camcorder Website Directory

Digital Camcorder Website Directory

Technology is changing so fast these days that the new camcorder you bought only a year ago has now become obsolete.Visit Here

 Utterly confused by this rapid technological progress, the most you can do is rely heavily on product reviews to make a decision as to which brand and model of camcorder you are going to buy. But unfortunately, all of them cannot be trusted, as not all sources of information for consumers to make a choice between, say a Sony and a Panasonic digital camcorder are unbiased.

Most companies dealing in electronic goods rely heavily on their products’ getting good reviews so that they record a brisk sale. But the newspaper article may be based on the information sent by the manufacturer; the retailer may push a product that earns them better margins; and the online site may work on a commission basis from a particular brand. What you need is an unbiased review, which can be found in consumer camcorder magazines or web sites that discuss in detail each camcorder’s relative merits and demerits. You will find plenty of them; just extract the truth from them.

As analog camcorders are now an almost extinct species, you have to choose from the selection of digital camcorders that are available. For making the right choice from so many fiercely competing brands, you should closely consider the following things: price, charge couple device (CCD), media choice, LCDs and playback.

Be prepared to pay a few hundred dollars for entry-level digital camcorders, and thousands for top-of-the-line versions. If the size of a CCD is large and they are more in number, the camcorder will be more costly. You must decide whether you need a camcorder that records onto tape. You need a camcorder with an LCD screen if you want to view your recording straightaway. Once you have considered these things, choose the brand accordingly.Visit Here

Visit Here

Wobble boards

Ever considered buying a wobble board?

Not to be confused with the musical instrument popularized by Rolf Harris, a wobble board is actually a piece of training equipment that can be invaluable in developing a person’s physical balance.

If you have a regular and thorough fitness regime, then you should be proud that you spend so much time and energy keeping your body in tip-top condition. You should also know just how valuable good exercise equipment is to a good fitness regime, and how especially valuable balance boards are for improving balance and posture, as well as aiding in a variety of other exercises, like push-ups and sit-ups.

Wobble boards are commonly wooden or plastic, with a flat, non-slippery surface on top and a hemisphere on the bottom. This hemisphere can usually be adjusted higher or lower to provide a greater challenge in balancing, making it possible for the wobble board to move up to 360 degrees.

So, do you want to buy a good wobble board? Of course you do. Right this way, please…

From where do you buy a good wobble board?

There is a massive number and variety of places selling wobble boards, which can leave you overawed as to which one to turn to first. Well, you can sort the gold from the guff simply by typing ‘wobble board’ or ‘wobble boards’ into an Internet search engine like Google or Bing. This should be a much more quick and efficient way of uncovering sellers of wobble boards than other resources, like the phone book, which are always incredibly limited in comparison.

What should you look for in a good retailer of wobble boards?

The ideal wobble board seller should have a long tradition of manufacturing balance boards, and sell a huge range of balance boards, wobble boards included, through their website. That kind of company is well worth a bet, as they are bound to really know their stuff about balance boards. They are also likely to offer the very latest models of balance and wobble boards, to ensure that you can benefit from the most recent technology in balance and wobble boards. can supply a wide range of wobble boards to help with balance training , giving you the right equipment to improve your fitness at a competitive price.

Vida to be sued for R3,39m

Vida to be sued for R3,39m
Marais is therefore claiming the R513 000 franchise fee, the withdrawals made from the Sweet Beans bank account, R126 040 for the Vida e signage as well as R2,6-million in damages. He is also claiming R128 000 from Nedbank. The franchise has not yet …
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Obra de tecnologia da Arena Pantanal fica R$ 12,6 milhões mais cara
… de instalação, ativação, configuração, realização de testes, garantia, treinamento, manutenção, operação e suporte para a implementação de Sistemas de Telecomunicações; Sistema de TV (infraestrutura), IPTV e Signage; Sistemas de Segurança (CFTV, …
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Printed Circuit Board

A Printed Circuit Board is the acronym for Printed Circuit Boards, which are cards or circuit boards that are composed of a very thin flat metal or hard plastic-type board called an insulator. It is upon this that computer silicon chips and other similar electronic components are mounted. These boards are then used in electronic appliances like televisions, computers, washing machines, digital cameras, and so forth.

Components such as integrated circuits (chips), resistors, and capacitors can be soldered to the surface of the board (surface-mounted) or, more commonly, attached by inserting their connecting pins or wires into holes drilled in the board. The increased component density and complexity required by the electronics industry demands increasing use of multilayer PCBs which may have three, four, or more intermediate layers of copper conductor. PCBs include motherboards, expansion boards, and adaptors.

A PCB prototype that is produced by pcb manufacturer is the first circuit board that is invented for a new electronic device. By using this prototype in the electronic device, the inventor or pcb engineer can see if the prototype serves its purpose in the invention. Once the electronic device is made to function with the prototype, any mistakes that take place can be rectified in the prototype (some times mistakes are pin pointed by the pcb manufacturer). In this way, the Printed Circuit Board prototype or circuit board manufacturer saves the inventor of the electronic appliance lots of money (or it becomes cheap and cost effective), as any mistakes that may be present in the Printed Circuit Board will be pinpointed in PCB Prototype before the actual commercial manufacture of the Printed Circuit Board. Without having a pcb prototype, the model of a new invention will be of no use if its circuit board is not in good condition and up to requirements.

Electronic appliances are getting more and more technologically advanced by the day. This advancement is done through changes on its pcb prototype, Pcb Prototype is then tried on the appliance to see if the advancement is in right order. Using different materials of the boards also account for changes in the pcb prototype. You can use fiberglass, Teflon or cross-linked polystyrene for the Printed Circuit Boards manufacturing, and it is through the pcb prototype that you find out which material best fits your needs. Nowadays, new Printed Circuit Boards are in use in electronic appliances, thanks to the PCB prototypes.

Rush Circuit Technologies: printed circuit boards manufacturing for about 5 years, PCB Manufacturer UK can provide you with all of your pcb requirements.

Text Message Campaign

Business owners, marketers, and advertisers around the world are continuously jumping into the bandwagon of mobile marketing, so while the industry is not yet oversaturated you should take heed of this emergent marketing opportunity and use it for your brand’s advantage. Discussed below is a brief discussion on how you can launch a successful text message campaign.

As far as mobile marketing trends are concerned, there is now a common formula that many companies and corporations use in carrying out interactive campaigns, and that is called crawl, walk, run. By crawl, this means that the business should come up with a unique strategy in sending out promotional text messages to its target consumers. This strategy of course depends on a number of factors, including the kind of industry the business is involved in, the target demographic of the business, and most of all the type of branding that the business wants to establish. In order to crawl successfully, your company should get a unique short code that will permanently represent your official mobile number. Make sure that this short code can easily be memorized by consumers and does not strongly appear like codes of some other companies.

What is interesting to point out is that applying for commercial short codes is becoming less expensive, which means that all sizes of businesses can now join the mobile marketing arena. Whether your company is small, medium, or fairly big, mobile phone service agencies are now offering a wide range of packages through which you can employ a unique mobile number introducing your brand and promoting its products and services.

The second part of the text message campaign formula is walking. By walking, this means that your target consumers should be reminded of your mobile short code wherever they go. This is where the opportunity of integrating your other marketing and promotional strategies gets in. You can publish print ads on specific newspapers, journals, and magazine to tease readers and invite them to send a message to your mobile short code. You can commission putting up creative billboards in public places, from subway stations to schools to parks to shopping malls and so on.  What is important is that you know in what places your target customers can be found and what kind of materials they are reading. When they repetitively see the images of your mobile short code campaign in public areas and traditional media channels, their curiosity will surely be aroused and they will eventually willingly subscribe to your mobile marketing service.

The third and last formula for a great text message campaign is running. This means that you should be able to make your target consumers run after your campaign. This can be done by engaging them into an interactive multimedia experience. Once they nod and subscribe to your mobile promotional invitation, keep them excited by offering rewards, treats, and surprises in your text messages. For instance, you can send a message inviting them to visit your website. This website on the other hand will provide a cool, high-tech, and interactive navigation scheme that involves games, quizzes, and downloads related to your products and services. You can also use the text message to announce future company events and launches and provide exclusive invites, discount coupons, and free product samples, and so on.

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Message of Gita

The Gita is considered the essence of the Hindu religion by many learned scholars. The divine message is indeed worthy of this distinction, for the teachings that it contains guide us on path of living life the right way.  Rich with examples, profound yet simple enough for the common man to understand and implement, these life principles show us how we too may attain the Almighty by the means of following one’s duty unswervingly. The messages of Gita was taught to Arjuna by Lordk Krishna in the war at Kurukshetra. These are still relevant even today.


The Gita forms a part of the epic Mahabharata which is the ideal setting indeed for this invaluable gem of knowledge. The Lord himself is believed to have imparted this discourse on the significance of one’s bounden duty to his friend and devotee, the peerless archer- warrior Arjuna. With the backdrop as the unfair means by which Arjuna’s kingdom was stolen by his wicked cousins, this divine message gave him the courage to stand up and fight against his own blood relations because this was his duty as a warrior to raise arms against injustice.


The message of the Gita is timeless and is applicable to all aspects of life and details the karma doctrine of attaining the Almighty. Man is required to follow his duty with his heart and soul. At the same time he must dissociate himself from the results or fruits of his efforts. This alone will help him succeed in staying calm in face of adversity and keep unaffected in times of overabundance. This unswerving devotion to one’s duty is also the path to the divine.


The Gita is a practical manual of how one should live in order to be content and at peace for life. When one follows the teachings of this divine message, he/ she emerges from both calamity and celebration unchanged and undisturbed. Even as it lifted Arjuna out of his despair at having to fight his own people, the Gita is a lifeline to millions across the world, lifting them out of the worldly mire of despair, jealousy, anger and sorrow.

To find out more about Hinduism and to read and listen to holy texts like the Hanuman Chalisa, visit Prabhubhakti.

Outdoor Digital Signage ? 24 hour marketing

We now seem to live in a 24-hour society of rolling news, round-the-clock TV and never closing supermarkets. Advertising too is becoming a 24-hour industry, especially in the outdoor sector where the night, no longer limits the ability of street advertisers.

Outdoor digital signage is fast becoming one of the fastest growing advertising mediums. Over ten percent of all outdoor advertisements are now digital with LCD, plasma and LED screens taking the place of many of the traditional print and static media.

The great thing about outdoor digital signage is its flexibility and noticeability. Not only are digital screens fare more engaging and eye-catching than static media, the ability to schedule adverts, place content from multiple advertisers on once screen and remotely upload content are a real boon for advertisers.

They can maximise the revenue from a single screen by selling advertising segments, having several different companies advertising on the one screen, and they don’t need to hire a technician to post up new content either.

Protection is the only real challenge with outdoor digital signage as the screen needs to be guarded against the weather and adverse temperatures of an exterior environment.

This can be simply achieved, however, with the use of an LCD enclosure. LCD enclosures protect, not only against the weather – providing a waterproof barrier. But they also ensure the housed LCD is operating in the optimum environment as they have internal temperature controlled systems. Fans, heaters, air conditioners and insulation can all be added inside and LCD enclosure to ensure the temperature inside the device is at the optimum.

LCD enclosures don’t just enable digital signage for outdoors but will extend the life of a manufacturers system – saving money. They are also far cheaper than using bespoke outdoor systems and can be used in industrial and factory type locations too, as the LCD enclosure is just as good at keeping dirt and grime away from the device as they are the weather.

Richard N Williams is a technical author and a specialist in the digital signage industry helping to develop outdoor digital signage and protection for plasmas. Please visit us for more information about LCD Enclosures or other digital signage solutions.

Outdoor digital Signage – Common Questions

Outdoor digital signage is increasing in popularity.  More and more screens are being erected in outdoor locations to take advantage of the larger audience potential. The advantage for advertisers is obvious – more people view the advertisement, and for shops and stores the outdoor promotions can help bring people inside.

Like indoor digital signage t is also a versatile and flexible media as adverts can be scheduled, uploaded in real time and, different content, from different advertisers can be displayed on a single screen.

It can be quite a challenge, placing a screen in an outdoor location, with lots to think about. Here are some common questions people ask when thinking of embarking in outdoor digital signage.

Do I need a special type of TV?

Commonly, high brightness TVs are used in outdoor locations as the device needs to be able to counter the brightness and glare of the sun. A normal screen can looked washed out under bright sunlight but if the device is shrouded, under a roof, or angled away from the sun there is no reason why a standard device cannot be used. Commercial grade screens are better than standard devices as they are more durable and can cope better with 24 hour use.

How do I prevent the weather from damaging the device?

There are several ways to do this. Waterproof TVs are one solution but they can be highly expensive and are limited on size while standard and commercial grade screens will obviously need protecting if they are to endure outdoor locations. LCD enclosures are the most cost effective method of weather protection. By placing a standard or commercial grade screen in the enclosure it can operate in almost any weather condition.

Should I be concerned about temperature?

Yes, temperature can be just as damaging as rainfall or other weather elements. In the summer or when temperatures get hot, overheating can be a problem, while in the winter when temperatures drop, freezing and condensation expansion can disable a screen.

LCD enclosures often contain climatic components such as heaters, cooling fans, air conditioning and insulation ensuring the optimum temperature inside the enclosure is always maintained.

What about impacts, vandalism and theft?

LCD enclosures also offer physical security as they are commonly constructed from steel. They are normally securely mounted with shatterproof screens providing a durable and tough barrier against accidental and deliberate impacts.

Richard N Williams is a technical author and a specialist in the digital signage industry helping to develop outdoor digital signage and protection for plasmas. Please visit us for more information about LCD Enclosures or other digital signage solutions.