How to Make Money with Digital Signage: Monetize

How to Make Money with Digital Signage: Monetize

How to Make Money with Digital Signage: Monetize

Digital signage advertising is a new form of out of home advertising. It is predicted that the digital signage industry will reach billion by 2017 and .3 billion by 2020. Digital signage is the easiest, most versatile way to make money out of almost nothing but virtual cyberspace…if you know what you’re doing. If you are motivated and a good salesman, there is no limit on how much income you can make in an industry where there is no ceiling. This book will show you the steps and how t


Johnny Lew Sports Introduces Fund Raising Made Easy Program – Earn Money for Your Organization / Charity

Tonawanda, NY (PRWEB) August 26, 2009

John Lewandowski, Air Force Reservist and owner of Johnny Lew Sports, announced today their new Fund Raising Made Easy Program. The program offers approved organizations to earn 15% of products purchased on Johnny Lew Sports. It’s simple and easy to sign up. Once approved organizations are assigned a unique four digit code that their members can use at checkout. Once a purchase is made and the code is used the monies are automatically set aside for the charitable or group organization.

“It’s a way for us to give back”, said Lewandowski. He explained the idea came about while attending a church service. “For a long time I thought how could I give something to my customers, ideas such as throwing tail gate parties or give prizes away would always seem to exclude someone”, added the website owner. So he developed a simple program where everyone, even people who have not yet purchased from Johnny Lew Sports, can participate. The Fund Raising Program Made Easy just made sense.

It’s simple and easy. If you need to raise money for an organization or know someone who does, visit Fund Raising Made Easy for details. The overall program is this; Fill out an application and a W-9 form and once approved your organization is given a unique four digit code. Once your members place orders on Johnny Lew Sports and use the unique code at checkout (found on the shipping/billing page and can be accessed from a drop down list) 15% of their product purchase will be set aside for your group. Communicate the program to all your members and once they start buying your organization benefits. We can even help you get the word out by creating flyers, sending direct mail and email your members (upon your permission of course).

You will be provided a detailed summary of activity each month to see how much has been earned by your group. You choose when you want the funds sent to you. Checks are issued on the last day of every calendar month. Your members get great sports merchandise and your group gets 15%. It really can add up quickly, if you have 250 members and half of them place one order (avg. $ 55) you’d have over $ 1,000.

If interested, please do not hesitate to contact us. You could be set up in matter of days and earning for your group.

Others who have participated in this program have used fund raising events to pass out flyers and post cards (which we can provide). People communicate it in their monthly bulletins and on bulletin boards. You’d be amazed how fast your group can make money.

It’s better than knocking on doors selling candy and cookies. People come to our site and you earn money.

About Johnny Lew Sports:

Johnny Lew Sports is an online sports team merchandiser operated by an Air Force Reservist since 2004. BBB accredited in 2008. The idea for the website was born while LTC John Lewandowski (USAFR) was deployed to Kandahar Afghanistan. While deployed he had the idea that once he returned home he combine the two things he liked the most, computers and sports. From that day on he has been serving sports fans and his country. NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA & NCAA team merchandise.


Earning money From Digital Signage

Electronic digital signage is being used to market corporations, now some enterprisers are using this technology to produce a continuing salary and they have queues of consumers.

Often companies are put off fitting digital signage this could down to the organization owner thinking they have to have lots of pc expertise and rather than waste time making advertisements they would rather employ someone else to do that for them, this is where this team of entrepreneurs are developing a massive demand.

They are concentrating on shopping malls that have a large foot fall, here they are certain that their added advertising and marketing activity will increase profits for local organisations. They are installing large monitors with a media player built in, these screens are then connected to a secure wireless network that the marketing company controls enabling for day parting (displaying ads early in the morning for restaurants offering breakfasts, etc). Then the advertising are sold to each enterprise in the shopping centre from US$ 150 per week to $ 510 per week depending on how long the ad is and if they are using day parting as well as a standard ad.  The hard drives on these media players will hold in excess of 515 adverts, so imagine if you sold 210 ads at US$ 150 (you can do the math if you want) this results in a total weekly earnings inexcess of US$ 37,500. Now if you consider that at each location cost will be $ 1000 including the monitor, media player and network connection and 10 locations are stationed in the mall you can see from the first week how money-making this business is.

Month one
Over a period of 1 month, the digital advertising company will have turned over US$ 150,000 based on the initial investment of US$ 20,000 for the hardware, plus the time for someone to make the ads, there are many people who charge from $ 30 to $ 100 per ad so including this figure a total of $ 1100 per area, based on 20 sites within the mall equals US$ 22,000 netting a first months profit of US$ 128,000.

Month two.
Now all the computer hardware is paid for here is the period that will make the most income. Based on the above information you can work out that the turnover would be $ 150,000 and the only outgoings would be any new ads, but this would compensate you as you would have additional income. So the profit for this month might be $ 149,900 deducting $ 100 for the internet connection.

Bottom line.
This could be a money-making business, looking at the above information, if you got 250 customers each paying $ 150 (the minimum) per week, over a 12 month period the business would be provide with a earnings of US$ 1,776,900 whilst working on this position you could target other spots in your area and then after 2 years of trading (providing you preserved the above minimum figures) you could sell the digital advertising business for a cool US$ 7 million per place using this enterprise model.

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