Networkable Digital Poster FAQs

A networkable digital poster is far more flexible than a regular LCD ad player, the restrictions with an LCD advertisement player, let us look at the main advantages of networkable digital posters.

Screen Size.

Size matters, now these network-able LCD ad players are available in sizes from 42″ to 65″, these commercial grade screens are perfect for 50,000 hours of use. Net-workable digital posters are available in much larger size screens, providing high definition images and video with much more affect.

Updating content.

This is simple as the network enabled digital poster is equipped with a network connection that can be connected to either a wired network or to a wireless network. These units are easier to deploy and now easier to update. Content is now streamed through the network connection and stored on the internal hard drive, that is solid state so there are no moving parts to wear out.

Storage on Hard Drive.

Build into the screen is a hard drive that has a capacity of 160GB and some even have 250GB, so all the ads are stored there and run from here, allowing numerous formats to be run consecutively.

Having a hard drive rather than a memory card player is much more effective, as more ads can be stored or even longer high impact ads with much better content be played. Limitations with a memory card ad player is the amount of content that can be stored on the 2GB card. The hard drive allows the content creators to produce attention grabbing content that engages with prospects, re-enforcing the brand.

These networkable digital posters are available as floorstanding LCD players as well as wall mounted digital posters.

The only consideration is how you want your clients and prospects to view your dynamic advertising solution, costs are very similar with the same deployment investment too, now you can get far better ads and response from your customers for the same money.

Now anyone can create attention grabbing content and update the content remotely to any digital signage network, using this product and is ideal for a new product launch, making this perfect for a small to large business.

Graham is a technical author on the topic of digital signage hardware and protection as well as owning one of the leading manufacturers of LCD enclosures, this range of LCD enclosure is used throughout the world.

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