E-menu boards: what are you ordering for lunch!

Digital menu board software has revolutionized the way customers order at the restaurants. Do you know the reason why? It is folksy, it is attractive, and the best news is these boards ROCK! One of the most popular places where these boards are much in use is the Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) scenario otherwise known as the fast food joints. Here their main job is to help the customers make the right choices. After all, fast food centers as the name implies is all about quick orders and services. The importance of these boards lies in the fact that they help remind customers the exact items they are seeking at the mental levels.

Pictures as everybody knows are worth 1000 words so the display of the dish before the eyes tells the customers what they are ordering or what they can expect from a particular order. What started as a simple blackboard like design has today evolved to light fluorescent boxes for full color backlit digital prints. Even this is going to give way to new technologies in the coming times this much is for sure. So which are the latest technologies on the block these days when it comes to e-menu designs? These are

* LCD menu

* LED menu

This is what the future of e-menu looks like. LED boxes are much thin than original fluorescent light technology and LCD signifies digital image display without backlighting.

The latest trends

Do you know that the 20% of all sales related to digital menus these days consists of light boxes? People are looking for bigger, brighter, and thinner boxes than ever before. Also, the stress is on cost-effective models that offer the best features without stretching the budget much. Today, lightweight and the new class of boards have replaced with earlier versions that came with up to 6-inch depth. So what has changed which have brought about such sleek designs of up to only 1 inch depths? Edge lighting and LED technology have revolutionized the design of menu boards and turned them into an attractive proposition is soothing to the eye. Customers will look for features such as,

* 4″ x 8″ size

* Edge-lit panels

* Panels squeezed down to ΒΌ “

When it started out only 3% of the revenue came from the sale of LED panels today this has captured almost 30% of the market. According to the manufacturers and developers of this kind of menu boards, the demand is constantly increasing. Innovative approach and design along with high performance and the cost-effective models make LED panels a must have for most restaurateurs. Even the technology related to the development of the menu boards is changing constantly doing away with the limitations to develop a full proof system for businesses. The designs have become much more user-friendly than ever before. So that the owners can troubleshoot various issues and make sure that sale is not hampered when problems with digital menu occurs.

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