McDonalds ~ 2 of 3 photos

McDonalds ~ 2 of 3 photos
TV Menu
Image by Urban Woodswalker
Mr Speedee still hangin’ happy on the sign of the Number ONE FIRST Ray Kroc McDonalds in the entire world.

….continued from last photo

As a child in kindergarten and 1st grade, my mom would take me here for after school treats…a milk shake or french fries…..or maybe even a 15 cent hamburger. There were fewer choices back then…we were happy with with the menu…..cheese or plain burgers, milk shakes in 3 flavors, and French fries….YES! ! !

I loved this place…..Mr Speedee was on the paper hats of the friendly counter help, and on all the napkins, cups, and wrappings. I always wanted to take all the stuff home…I remember the helpers giving me the paper hats…wish I had those now! I remember just how brightly lit it was in there….after spending the day in school, the bright shiny interior was so uplifting…I never wanted to go home.

The year was 1960 and I remember it like yesterday. We went every week….if I was bad…no McDonalds! Back then we did not have TV (in our home)…so things like toys and or McDonalds were the only things to be taken away.

Recently I paid a visit to my old town…Central School , this McDonalds (not open to the public but you can still view it outside an iron fence) , and another favorite old time diner…the Choo Choo (with the train delivering your meal!) …are all still here in Des Plaines…. like it was still 1961. It seems I am the only one who has changed. I plan on returning….its been 50 years since I have explored.

See next photo and more historical links.

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