PennBarry Releases Quick Reference eCatalog eBook

Plano, TX (PRWEB) February 24, 2012

PennBarry, a leading manufacturer of supply and exhaust fans, has just released the Quick Reference eCatalog, a digital mini catalog of their most popular fan models that can be read in smartphone and tablet ebook reader apps such as iBooks and Kindle.

The PennBarry Quick Reference eCatalog includes models such as the Domex, Fumex, Square Centrex, Zephyr, and ESI. Clicking a link from the PennBarry website allows you to save the ebook in your ebook reader. In iBooks, the links in the mini catalog allow fast navigation to the product bulletins inside. In other readers, such as Google Books and Kindle, which do not currently support PDF links, you can scroll to the product bulletin using page numbers that are provided in the menu page.

“With engineers more frequently working in the field, mobile devices will naturally play a bigger role in the design and selection process,” said Jenny Abney Sivie, Vice President of PennBarry. “Therefore to meet this growing demand, Pennbarry has developed our Quick Reference eCatalog for tablets and smartphones.”

Designed as a mobile reference of day-to-day products, the Quick Reference eCatalog provides dimensions, performance, specifications, and other product information in digital format when engineers and contractors do not have access to the internet. The Quick Reference eCatalog is available on the PennBarry website home page at

For more information about PennBarry, please contact Alan Huddleston at ahuddleston(at)pennbarry(dot)com.

About PennBarry

Since 1928, Penn Ventilation, Barry Blower, Industrial Air, Bayley Fans, and Supreme Fan have provided ventilation products. In 2005 these companies merged to become PennBarry (, which continues to evolve with the industry to provide full service ventilation products to commercial and light industrial customers worldwide.

PennBarry is part of Tomkins Ltd., which is owned by a consortium comprising Onex Corporation and the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board. Tomkins enjoys strong market positions and technical leadership across all of its business activities and owns some of the best-known brands in their respective markets.