Southern Railway Installs CAYIN Digital Signage System to Improve Efficiency in Public Information Display

Taipei, Taiwan (PRWEB) March 17, 2009

Southern Railway, a major Indian Government Organization, has installed digital signage system at the Egmore Railway Station in Chennai. To provide passengers with clearer and quicker updated information, Southern Railway started out a large scale deployment of digital public information display system, which was adopted to add on to the traditional broadcasting system. The Video over IP Specialist- A & T Network Systems Pvt. Ltd., the premier Systems integrator of similar projects in India, chose CAYIN Technology as its overseas partner who has specialized in developing digital signage solutions.

Easy Management & Data Synchronization over Server and Players

One primary CAYIN CMS-Performance Server and a spare server have been set and connected to the Railway database server equipped with an administration panel which is used to edit platform numbers and arrival timing based on actual status. To extend the information from the central railway database server to any stations on the railway network catering to Chennai Division, six CAYIN’s SMP-WEB signage media players, supporting full-screen HTML/Flash/JPG and real-time video playback, and 42-inch LG plasma televisions have been collocated at concourses, passenger waiting halls, reservation campus, and platforms.

Capability of Presenting Diversified Multimedia Contents and Information

With CAYIN digital signage media players, contents can be demonstrated diversely in displays according to different occasions and situations. For instance, in the concourse, train arrival and departure information including scheduled time, expected time, delays, and platform numbers are showed on the main screens along with commercials and warning messages in moving tickers. Furthermore, live TV news, dramas, and movie trailers can also be broadcasted thanks to the live streaming programs fed from CMS server to SMP media players.

Train information can also be displayed specifically at particular platforms so that passengers, benefitting from better facility, can know exactly which platforms they should go in an instant. In general, the digital signage system not only assists passengers to manage their travel time efficiently and conveniently but also saves the administrators’ total costs of ownership.

“We are very glad that CAYIN Digital Signage products were chosen in this project and have the opportunity cooperating with our prestigious local partner, A & T Network Systems, who has been playing an essential role in project consultation, integration and implementation” said Ravel Chi, the vice president of CAYIN Technology. “It’s always our goal to bring out technology more and more broadly into different industries and this deployment in Indian railway indeed involves many fundamental functionalities through digital media technology. We treasure the partnership which allowed CAYIN Digital Signage solution to benefit from this important transportation application in India, one of the starry BRIC!”

CAYIN Technology Co., Ltd.

CAYIN technology offers complete digital signage solutions, including media players, servers, and software for various commercial applications, such as digital bulletin board in schools, digital menu board in restaurants, promotion channels in retail, flight schedule in airports, and public information display system in hotels, corporate, convention centers, and governments.

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A&T Network Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Headquartered in Madurai in India, A &T Network Systems Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 1996 by Ashwin Desai, who is also the current Managing Director. It specializes in the comprehensive delivery of Video over IP, Voice over IP and visual collaboration solutions. A&T is primarily a technology company and is a value added partner for several overseas manufacturers of Video technologies over IP networks operating in the Video Conferencing, Visual collaboration, Video Streaming, Video Surveillance and Digital Signage Systems market. The Company has 33 employees and is also an ISO 9001 – 2008 ‘with design’ certified organisation.

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Led Display Board Is Efficiency

An LED display board can be used by a school to show messages for its students and teachers. It can also be used by a church to show messages about upcoming events and services. Companies can use it to show employee messages and work hours and it can also be used by cafes and restaurants to display menu options. These are only a few of the wide range of applications which a display board can be used for.

LED display board is very well designed, rugged, reliable, environmentally friendly products. They come in different sizes, providing a comprehensive large budget savings. The circuit board is made of high quality raw materials that can really improve the durability of the product production. They can clearly see from a few hundred meters even in the day.

LED display board sign offers one of the easiest, fastest and impressive ways to make an impact, encouraging more customers to come through the door. It empowers many businesses and business owners to cultivate their target market more effectively, quickly transitioning viewers from potential customer to first-time customer to repeat customer by creating a memorable, attractive, and informative advertising narrative over time. This display board is great for getting the attention of many of your potential customers. Your customers can be kept informed by a constantly-updated LED sign, are more likely to see relevant advertising and choose your business instead of your competitors.

LED display board is efficiency. It can provide a complete solution for your visual display needs and increase the market value to a great extent. The content and message of any type of advertisement can well be communicated to the customers with this technology, which is not the case with other signs. This sign is the best option as it is highly flexible in effectively communicating the changes, as you sometimes, need to change your advertisements and services on daily basis to retain your position in the industry.

A major advantage of an LED display board is that it is simple to change the message and this makes them much more versatile than static boards. Some can be connected to a central control area where a computer can be used to input the message. Others come with wireless keyboards or remote controls which can be used to change the message. Whichever display board you choose they are effective devices which are simple to use.

The size of your LED signs can be easily extended, even long after your initial purchase. These circuit boards are easy to program, professional development and user-friendly software, you can easily adjust using the included software.

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