Sign board

These are made to display the products or services so that the required message is conveyed to the visitor for the ultimate promotion of the business. The sign boards are of different types which include hoardings, box type gates, trolley tricycles etc.These are placed on locations in order to grab the attention of the visitors so that a particular product or service is availed in the best manner.
ACP sign board
These are made by using ACP as the basic material with the inclusion of the latest technology. Due to this these boards get good finish and lasts longer as compared to other sign boards.
Glow sign board
These sign boards are made from fade proof vinyl and backlit flex printing sheets
of good quality. These sign boards are customized in design and style and are popular because of their good finishing, durability and good quality of resolutions. These are commonly used in restaurants, showrooms, parlour and offices.
Neon sign boards
These are the sign boards which are exclusive because of the effect of the lights and are commonly used for the promotion of business solutions. These come in various forms like open neon signs, neon bar signs, ATM neon signs and business neon signs.
Metal sign board
These sign boards are a sort of display graphics which are used to give information to the audience. There are many types of metal boards which are very commonly used in our day to day life.
Flex board
This type of sign board is used for commercial purpose which is ideal for the purpose of advertisement. Normally these are designed and manufactured by using good quality of raw material. These boards are good as they have good finishing, durability and their ability to resist climatic conditions.
Foam board signage
These signboards are made of high quality material and have good resolution.
Acrylic signage

These signboards are made by using premium quality of raw materials. These acrylic signage are exclusively used in retail outlets, offices and market places. These sign boards can be used by large enterprises in order to advertise and market their products and services. The best part is that these signboards are able to resist extreme climatic conditions which make them the preferred choices of the people.
Stainless steel letters
These stainless steel letters are mainly used to display the company’s name, advertisements and other relevant information. These stainless steel letters are used in business as well as homes to give a sophisticated and elegant look. Moreover these letters are strong as they have a polished finish and have a lifetime guarantee.
Metallic letters
The base material which is used in the manufacturing of these metallic letters is aluminium, acrylic, brass and stainless steel. The process of manufacturing includes casting, brazing and laser cutting. The neon and LED are used to give the back lighted effects. These letters gives you a picture perfect effect due to which they are preferred for interior purposes. These letters are available in the market in various styles and finishes.

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Digital Notice Board of DDC Myagdi

This video is a sample of digital signage aka Digital Notice Board used as digital citizen charter and digital information board in Nepal’s local government bodies. This piece of work represents PIP videos about vital registration and social security information plus other general notices of the District Development Committee (DDC) Office.

wireless e notice board

This project deals with an innovative rather an interesting manner of intimating the message to the people using a wireless electronic display board which is synchronized using the GSM technology. Notice board is primary thing in any institution or organization or public utility places like bus stops, railway stations or parks. But sending various notices day to day is a tedious process.
This paper deals with advanced notice board. This will help us in passing any message almost immediately without any delay just by sending a SMS which is better and more reliable than the old traditional way of pasting the message on notice board. This proposed technology can be used in many public places, malls or big buildings to enhance the security system and also make awareness of the emergency situations and avoid many dangers. Using various AT commands is used to display the message onto the display board. GSM technology is used to control the display board and for conveying the information through a message sent from authenticated user.

Outdoor Digital Menu Board Installation, Chefette Restaurants, Viewstation by ITSENCLOSURES

Chefette Restaurants Ltd, a family owned quick service restaurant chain located on Barbados, made the transition to digital menu boards in early 2013. Chefette turned to ITSENCLOSURES to provide indoor and outdoor digital menu board solutions for their stores. Rated to withstand direct sunlight and a temperature range of -40 to 120° F, the ViewStation QSR environmental enclosures were ideal for the coastal Barbados environment.
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