Digital Menu Elevating Customer Experience in Hospitality Industry

Digital menu is a cutting-edge standard to enhance customer experience. They fall under good investments for hospitality business. Electronic order menus help restaurants create a win-win situation by optimizing time required for operational services and by lowering costs spent on persuasive-up-selling staff members.

Depending upon the in-house preferences and work-styles, a restaurant may choose whether it needs just a digitized order menu, or a complete POS solution that lets the customers browse, and order appetizers, meals, beverages etc.

Why a digital menu is important from the customer point of view?
1. Optimizing the waiting time- Instead of eyeing the in-house staff to know the status of the order, a customer can indulge in activities like play short games, sing along with the karaoke, or simply surf the internet. Such exercises can keep clients from feeling draggy during the intervals taken for serving the order.

2. Silent server- A lot many customers expect privacy more than any other part of service. Introduction of digital menu boards keep the staff from asking the clients if they need anything else for the day. If a point-of-sale system software is integrated, in-house staff can concentrate on serving the dishes, and other parts of the services.

3. Information about food facts- Restaurants can take up the opportunity of educating the customers about a dish’s origin, nutritional value, taste, compatibility with any side dish or beverage, ratings, recommendations, and more. This makes the client feel valued, informed, and even amused till a certain extent.

4. Impatient attempts to lock eyes with the staff- Restless tapping feet, daunting necks, and impatient attempts to lock eyes with the staff members to request for menus or checks are signs that might indicate potential fall in customer satisfaction levels. The entire chaos can be sorted out by introducing restaurant POS systems.

Importance of electronic order menus from the management’s point of view.
1. Up-sells- This latest substitute to paper menu cards, help a restaurant make up-sells in the most efficient ways. It helps convey the quick appetizer, or people’s choice in soups productively. Customized digital menu boards also reflect real-time reviews and recommendations at a restaurant that means more business.

2. Instant deletions to avoid any embarrassment- Running out of a particular dish or a beverage during a busy day leads to major embarrassments for any dine and bar. Informing customers about the same may even mean losing out on business. Electronic order menus help spare the situation by discretely deleting the dish from the menu.

3. Advertising daily specials in a single click- Unreasonable amounts spent on printing menus cards to promote a chef’s special can be optimized very-well. Tiled alphabets or chalk marking on boards outside can be effortlessly replaced with engaging yet persuasive electronic sections.

4. Changing prices as and when required- The prices can be raised or lowered strategically to target a sale in a single click. Digital menu boards let a restaurant update the price changes without any difficulty.

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