Enhance the experience of the user with right digital signage

Today, without digital signage, you cannot imagine to make effective connection with your customers, employees, students, patients etc. It has been found that whether it is in shopping mall, hotel, airport or restaurant, digital signage has made it presence felt by offering more than the traditional static message that we are used to seeing. There have been great innovations in technology. Now people are embracing complimentary technologies that can invoke a reaction and provide instant benefits and positive experiences to the user and also the network owner.

There used to a time when businesses and other institutions depended on static messages which had to be changed manually. The impact of the message was limited and hence there was less benefit for the businesses and other institutions. But things have changed over the years. Digital signage has replaced the static boards and all kinds of organizations have liked it. A digital signage is highly interactive and it displays business message and other information on a regular basis. You can find this innovative medium in so many departmental stores, offices, hospitals, colleges, airports etc. It has helped in engaging targeted audience with right kind of message and updates. This has helped people to understand the services of their preferred company in a better way. But the interactive display board is as good as your software that runs it. It means you should give importance to the software. You cannot use low-cost software to accomplish your business needs. It can affect your business in a big way and also affect the delivery mechanism. Most of the businesses are using digital signage software for their project needs. Today’s business owners are well-educated and they shop for the idea software at the right place. You can find a wide range of good digital signage software in the market. The software is now available to small and large businesses and other corporations. Whether your goal is to increase sales, increase your profit share, engage or entertain customers to reduce perceived wait times, cross-sell, build shopper loyalty, educate, or motivate, the tech-savvy programs can offer the ideal connection. Your business will immensely benefit if you use effective digital signage software for your projects. With it, you will be able to manage, maintain, and change the things that are being displayed on your screens. It will also help you to save a lot of time, because you don’t have to manually edit the contents that are saved in your media player, and you just have to simply configure the software to run it in the ideal manner. When you hire any company for your digital signage needs, please make it a point to go through their case studies, press releases and also the portfolio. This will help you to pick the right company for your specific business needs.

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Digital Menu Elevating Customer Experience in Hospitality Industry

Digital menu is a cutting-edge standard to enhance customer experience. They fall under good investments for hospitality business. Electronic order menus help restaurants create a win-win situation by optimizing time required for operational services and by lowering costs spent on persuasive-up-selling staff members.

Depending upon the in-house preferences and work-styles, a restaurant may choose whether it needs just a digitized order menu, or a complete POS solution that lets the customers browse, and order appetizers, meals, beverages etc.

Why a digital menu is important from the customer point of view?
1. Optimizing the waiting time- Instead of eyeing the in-house staff to know the status of the order, a customer can indulge in activities like play short games, sing along with the karaoke, or simply surf the internet. Such exercises can keep clients from feeling draggy during the intervals taken for serving the order.

2. Silent server- A lot many customers expect privacy more than any other part of service. Introduction of digital menu boards keep the staff from asking the clients if they need anything else for the day. If a point-of-sale system software is integrated, in-house staff can concentrate on serving the dishes, and other parts of the services.

3. Information about food facts- Restaurants can take up the opportunity of educating the customers about a dish’s origin, nutritional value, taste, compatibility with any side dish or beverage, ratings, recommendations, and more. This makes the client feel valued, informed, and even amused till a certain extent.

4. Impatient attempts to lock eyes with the staff- Restless tapping feet, daunting necks, and impatient attempts to lock eyes with the staff members to request for menus or checks are signs that might indicate potential fall in customer satisfaction levels. The entire chaos can be sorted out by introducing restaurant POS systems.

Importance of electronic order menus from the management’s point of view.
1. Up-sells- This latest substitute to paper menu cards, help a restaurant make up-sells in the most efficient ways. It helps convey the quick appetizer, or people’s choice in soups productively. Customized digital menu boards also reflect real-time reviews and recommendations at a restaurant that means more business.

2. Instant deletions to avoid any embarrassment- Running out of a particular dish or a beverage during a busy day leads to major embarrassments for any dine and bar. Informing customers about the same may even mean losing out on business. Electronic order menus help spare the situation by discretely deleting the dish from the menu.

3. Advertising daily specials in a single click- Unreasonable amounts spent on printing menus cards to promote a chef’s special can be optimized very-well. Tiled alphabets or chalk marking on boards outside can be effortlessly replaced with engaging yet persuasive electronic sections.

4. Changing prices as and when required- The prices can be raised or lowered strategically to target a sale in a single click. Digital menu boards let a restaurant update the price changes without any difficulty.

POS devices powered by YumaPOS point-of-sale system software help hospitality industry with customized in-house work functions. Smooth functioning custom POS software solutions teamed with inviting images, and descriptions definately makes every client try more dishes or cuisines. Optimize your hospitality business by visiting www.yumapos.com today!

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Intel teams up with retailers to enhance shopping experience

Intel teams up with retailers to enhance shopping experience
Intel is working with these industry leaders to drive the transformation of shopping through high-tech retail solutions that will change how brands engage and connect with shoppers.” E-signage is an area that has only barely been tapped, but many …
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Sharp advances G10 LCD panel production
In addition, the market for e-signage displays is booming.” Each generation of LCD plant handles larger sheets of 'mother glass' from which displays are cut. This G10 plant, being built at Sakai near Osaka, will handle glass up to 2.88×3.13m (8.7m2 …
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Samsung promotes transparent LCD panel
It will be used in other applications including e-boards, information windows, medical equipment, e-signage and mobile devices. The 46in transparent LCD panel features a contrast ratio of 4,500:1 with HD (1,366×768) resolution and 70% colour gamut.
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Edenvale Shoppes Enters Into Relationship with ICRA to Further the Efforts of Providing a Safe Internet Experience

Green Bay, WI (PRWEB) July 5, 2007

Edenvale Shoppes announced today that it has entered into a relationship with ICRA to further the efforts of providing a safe internet experience.

“In addition to current measures such as Hacker Safe and Yahoo Secure Shopping that provide shopping and viewing security and reliability for our customers, we feel that users of the internet need the ability to determine what they are exposed to,” said Jesse Akre, President of Edenvale Shoppes. “The ability to label a site’s content as safe for viewing — void of any solicitations or materials that are considered offensive or vulgar, we feel is key at driving the continuous evolution of a save internet experience for all users, minor and adult. Leading internet safety advocate sites such as Netsmartz.org endorse the ICRA as a must have for internet content measurement and exposure.”

Internet safety is a growing concern. Recently, The FBI listed their top tips for child and teen internet safety.

There are some very important things that you need to keep in mind when you’re on your computer at home or at school.

    First, remember never to give out personal information such as your name, home address, school name, or telephone number in a chat room or on bulletin boards. Also, never send a picture of yourself to someone you chat with on the computer without your parent’s permission.
    Never write to someone who has made you feel uncomfortable or scared.
    Do not meet someone or have them visit you without the permission of your parents.
    Tell your parents right away if you read anything on the Internet that makes you feel uncomfortable.
    Remember that people online may not be who they say they are. Someone who says that “she” is a “12-year-old girl” could really be an older man.
    Further information can be found below.

Edenvale Shoppes is a leading internet retailer of niche home and patio décor items, home furnishings, as well as premium furniture for your home or patio. For more information on our products, visit one of the links below:

“We pride ourselves in the extensive and elegant offerings of outdoor patio furniture to each and every segments of the market,” said Jesse Akre, President of Edenvale Shoppes. “The products and manufacturers we offer are known for the prestige and quality that one expects from a leader in the outdoor furniture industry. Maybe you are looking for elegant teak chairs giving your friends in family style and class in their seating selection. Or maybe it is an elegant teak bench that your deck or patio needs. Our selection of fine teak furniture will be sure to give you a proper place for your guests to eat and socialize. If you haven’t relaxed in a while, treat yourself to an outdoor chaise lounge to bring the week to a close the right way. No porch or patio is complete without a teak porch swings. Couples and singles alike can enjoy a book or each other while swaying the day to a close. And finally, an investment that is sure to bring you a lifetime of enjoyment in return, the deep seating wood patio furniture collections. So no matter what your taste or budget, style or décor requirements, we are sure that we have something that will meet your criteria.”

So no matter what products you are looking for, shop with confidence at one of our online stores today.

Edenvale Shoppes at a glance.

Edenvale Shoppes was formed with a simple premise: To be one of the leading Niche e-Commerce companies…Period. To do this we knew we had to do three things well:

Offer Leading Products from Leading Manufacturers.
Have Websites that attract and capture.
Have Customer Service and Customer Support second to none.

Since early 2003, we have successfully executed the plan — and will continue to do so. Today, we are one of the e-commerce leaders in Niche Home and Patio Decor. We admit, not every desire can be quenched, nor every customer be absolutely satisfied. But we do know that our “Do it better and faster” mentality continues to impact everything we touch; the result – a more satisfied customer. Visit our sites today and indulge yourself – you deserve it.

Edenvale Shoppes LLC teak furniture– A BBBOnline certified and approved company.

ICRA at a glance:

ICRA (formerly the Internet Content Rating Association) is part of the Family Online Safety Institute, an international, non-profit organization of internet leaders working to develop a safer internet. With a history stretching back to 1994, ICRA has long believed that self-regulation leads to the best balance between the free flow of digital content and protecting children from potentially harmful material.

The centerpiece of the organization is the descriptive vocabulary, often referred to as “the ICRA questionnaire.” Content providers check which of the elements in the questionnaire are present or absent from their websites. This then generates a small file containing the labels that is then linked to the content on one or more domains.

Users, especially parents of young children, can then use filtering software to allow or disallow access to web sites based on the information declared in the label. A key point is that ICRA does not rate internet content – the content providers do that, using the ICRA labeling system. ICRA makes no value judgment about sites.

The descriptive vocabulary was drawn up by an international panel and designed to be as neutral and objective as possible. It was revised in 2005 to enable easier application to a wide range of digital content, not just websites.

Most of the items in the questionnaire allow the content provider to declare simply that a particular type of content is present or absent. The subjective decision about whether to allow access to that content is then made by the parent.

Please visit their website at http://www.fosi.org for further information.

FBI and the Federal Trade Commission:

To read more about new privacy rules, visit the Federal Trade Commission’s Web site at http://www.ftc.gov. There is a special section just for kids.


Digital Screenmedia Association and NEC to Host Webinar: Menu Boards and Beyond: Understanding the Digital Dining Experience on November 18, 2014 at 2:00 pm ET

(PRWEB) November 11, 2014

On November 18, 2014 at 2:00 ET, The Digital Screenmedia Association (DSA) and NEC will present “Menu Boards and Beyond: Understanding the Digital Dining Experience,” a discussion on the multiple ways restaurants can use digital engagement to create better dining experiences for customers.

Attendees may register via digitalscreenmedia.org

Digital menu boards have found their way into restaurants of all shapes and sizes. But, digital menus are only the beginning and have opened the door for restaurants to engage their audiences through more channels and learn from their customers.

This detailed webinar will cover the value of menu boards, interactive screens, mobile payments, and proximity marketing as new ways for restaurants to engage and delight customers while creating loyalty that lasts. The webinar will also present a strategic model for creating digital experiences, and give attendees best practices to take away from the discussion.

Speakers for the webinar.

Rich Ventura, Vice President of Product Marketing and Solutions, NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc.

Paul Flanigan, Executive Director, Digital Screenmedia Association

“Restaurants are one of the most social gathering points in any culture,” said Ventura. “It’s clear that digital engagement is an ecosystem, from menu boards to mobile phones. And having a solid understanding of what it takes to put a network in place is critical to success.”

For more information and to register, attendees can visit the DSA online.


The DSA is an independent, non-profit association, whose mission is to advance the growth and excellence of the global digital signage, interactive kiosk, and mobile community through advocacy, education and networking. Members include users of digital screenmedia in all vertical markets including retail, hospitality, food service, and healthcare, as well as manufacturers, resellers, and distributors of hardware and software, network operators, integrators, advertising agencies, consultants, analysts, publishers, trade show organizers, and service companies. http://www.digitalscreenmedia.org

About NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc.

Headquartered in Itasca, Ill., NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc., is a leading designer and provider of innovative desktop LCD monitors, commercial- and professional-grade large-screen LCD displays, a diverse line of multimedia and digital cinema projectors, and integrated display solutions. NEC Display Solutions develops leading-edge visual technology and customer-focused solutions for a wide variety of markets, including enterprise, healthcare, education and digital signage. For additional information about NEC Display Solutions of America products, call (866) NEC-MORE, or visit the website at http://www.necdisplay.com. For digital images, please visit http://necdisplay.com/digital-media-library. Follow us on our social media channels: Facebook,YouTube, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.

International Speedway Corp. and Digitaria Launch New Web Site to Help Daytona 500 Fans ‘Feel the Experience’ of Racing’s Biggest Event

San Diego, CA, and Daytona Beach, FL (PRWEB) February 10, 2009

Digitaria Sports, a division of Digitaria, a leading digital marketing and technology firm, and International Speedway Corp. (Nasdaq: ISCA) (OTC Bulletin Board: ISCB) (“ISC”), a leading promoter of motorsports activities, today announced the launch of a new online destination and resource for race fans at Daytona International Speedway.

The new site at DaytonaInternationalSpeedway.com contains all the information race fans need to enjoy the Daytona 500, scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 15. The site is aimed at helping fans both ‘feel the experience’ of NASCAR’s biggest event, as well as provide a valuable resource. The site features extensive online video and multimedia content, exclusive news and information, driver features, camping and parking information, seating charts, the ability to buy tickets, and much more.

“We’re excited to launch this new online resource for our race fans,” said Daytona International Speedway President Robin Braig. “Daytona 500 fans will be able to get all the news and information they need, whether they’re going to the race, or just watching from home. In addition, the site is a must-see destination in advance of our other prestigious events such as the Daytona 200 Week By Honda and the Coke Zero 400 Weekend Powered By Coca-Cola.”

The new Daytona International Speedway site is the first of 12 new track sites that [Digitaria is building for ISC as part of long-term digital strategy designed to engage fans and generate more incremental sales. Each track site will serve as a year-round resource for all racing events held at that venue.

“Our goal for each of these sites is to help recreate the unique experience on the track, as well as provide an ongoing resource for race fans,” said John Van Spyk, general manager of [Digitaria Sports, which caters exclusively to sports organizations worldwide. “We are proud to work with the ISC and look forward to seeing fans enjoy these new sites.”

About Digitaria:

Digitaria is a leading digital marketing and technology firm headquartered in San Diego with additional offices in Los Angeles and New York. Since 1997, Digitaria has consistently led the field in creating digital experiences online through Web sites, intranets, extranets, digital asset management, interactive marketing campaigns and business solutions that are both measurable and memorable. Digitaria represents many of the largest brands in the world. Active clients include Atlanta Falcons, ASICS Shoes, Best Western International, CBS Corporation, Cobra Golf, Comcast Corporation, FOX Corporation, Gateway Corporation, Gordon Rush, Hasbro, Inc., KCET Hollywood, NBC Universal, QUALCOMM, Inc., Warner Bros. Worldwide Television Marketing, WPT Enterprises, Inc. and many others.

Digitaria believes strongly in the power of collaboration and strategic thinking and often integrates internal teams with the talented staff of its clients to ensure all stakeholders contribute to the success of the engagement.


BCI Bank Revamps Customer Experience Through Wavetecs Digital Signage

Santiago de Chile, Chile (PRWEB) June 04, 2014

Based in Chile, BCI is a financial institution serving customers and clients throughout the country. With a workforce of 10,500 people and over 300 banking centers, BCI serves a broad range of individuals. The company opened for business in 1937 and since then, it has built on the prestige of its full range of products and services as well as its best quality customer service.

BCI has constantly put its efforts in ongoing innovation, serving as the building foundation for its currently solid position in the Chilean market. With the goal of implementing new strategies to enhance customers’ and clients’ experience, and in turn BCI’s interaction with its stakeholders, the company set to find partners for developing and executing a digital signage project for banking centers and offices.

To meet the specific needs, BCI has opted for Donatello, Wavetec’s (http://www.wavetec.com) digital signage solution to optimize the utilization of the service area engagement alternatives. Within the project’s framework, which had its Implementing Stage in December 2013, a number of 32 and 55 inches screens have been set up in different BCI branches. Each of these TVs is wired to a Donatello trough an HDMI cable that allows HD content reception. A central web server wired to every device through a LAN or WiFi connection is responsible for the screens’ administrative operations.

Content programming and management are carried out from Donatello Suite software, easily installed and executed in any Windows laptop. The screens content is then customized combining a variety a modules such as date and time, the weather, TV programmes, and even social networks.

The project comprises the setting of 260 screens during the first stage until July 2014 to progressively reach the institution offices.

BCI Benefits

Engagement opportunities. BCI has now a new tool to devise an enjoyable experience for its customers and clients in a physical environment that may be used to build customer relations and so, impact on business outcomes.
Easy installation and maintenance. In case a Donatello Player needs replacement, any company representative is in a position to plug in the new equipment. The application starts working automatically.
Central management. It implies the control of each screen, which means that operational work is facilitated. The system allows the creation of user profiles and the granting of content uploading as well as content approval permissions.
Ideal customizing options. The content modules are designed on a flexible canvas, so there is room for the inclusion of all of BCI communication needs: institution information, the weather, date and time, social network postings, and live TV as well. Also, the tool can be integrated to the waiting line management system.
Advantages in costs: Donatello has been developed on the Android platform. This results in significant acquisition as well as software license updating savings which do not impact on the product’s high quality standards; i.e., reliability and performance. On the other hand, the solution does not call for heavy hardware investing, thus enabling scalable project execution.

About Wavetec

Wavetec has a long track record on providing solutions aimed at building valuable experiences within the service area, not only for consumers but also for organizations. Accordingly, the development of digital signage, waiting line management systems, and experience measurement provide full solutions tailored to meet every client’s needs in business such as retail, banking, or health from over 60 countries.

The high quality and technological innovation standards have paved the way for Wavetec’s work on solid projects for companies such as, Interbank, Barclays, Emirates Airlines, Tesco, LIDL Germany, and Chilexpress.

Retail Customer Experience Releases Consumer Survey Results on Mobile Retail Apps

Louisville, KY (PRWEB) April 08, 2014

Pity the poor retailer: Just when they adapt to one disruptive technology, another comes forward to make them rethink their tactics yet again.

The most recent paradigm-shifter is the mobile application, and many retail executives still struggle to understand how to incorporate them into their user experience—or whether they should even bother.

The questions are worth asking. According to information technology research firm Gartner, mobile apps will have been downloaded 268 billion times by 2017. They will have generated $ 77 billion in revenue for their deployers. And users will be providing streams of personalized data to more than 100 apps and services a day — whether they know they are doing so or not.

Hoping to help retailers survive and thrive in the mobile app world, Retail Customer Experience and sister site Mobile Payments Today have published “Mobile Retail Apps and the Engaged Consumer.”

The 59-page report includes sections on best practices, commentaries by some of the leading minds in mobile retail applications, a directory of providers from multiple countries and of special interest, a survey of 1,000 consumers about their habits, preferences and recommendations when it comes to mobile apps in the retail space.

“Some of the results were really surprising to me,” said report author Joseph Grove, a veteran B2B journalist and former senior vice president and executive editor for the publisher of Retail Customer Experience. “For example, I didn’t expect to be the case that men were more likely than women to be heavy users of mobile retail apps, or that pharmacies would show up so strongly as a popular app category.”

The report includes data on mobile wallet and Passbook adoption, consumer concerns regarding mobile app data security, used and desired functionalities, and frustrations. The download of the report includes jpegs of many of the almost 70 charts and graphs, which readers have permission to share with co-workers or apply in presentations.

Commentaries include:

Mike Wittenstein, founder, Storyminers. ”The Push for Sophistication Must Drive Value, Function”
Chris McClain, executive vice president, Americas Strategic Industries, SAP. “Unlocking the Power of Mobile in Retail”
Jason Goldberg, vice president, Razorfish. “Mobile Apps Can Pay Off Big”
Jack Philbin, founder/CEO, Vibes. ”How to Ensure a Symbiotic Mobile Marketing Strategy.”

“Some of most common questions and popular stories are about retail mobile applications and how our readers can be successful with them. This report goes a long way to providing answers,” said James Bickers, senior editor of Retail Customer Experience.

More information is available here.


RetailCustomerExperience.com is a website devoted to helping retailers differentiate on experience, rather than on price. It is founded on the understanding that retail today is fundamentally different than any other time in its history, and staying competitive requires a new, holistic understanding of customers and how they want to shop.


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