Announces Its Special Offer On Its 46-Inch Floor-Standing Digital Signage LCD Advertising Players

(PRWEB) December 10, 2014

A number sign provides a place for companies to get information to a massive number of people quickly. Today, a leading provider of equipment for digital display advertising, announces special offer on its LCD digital display advertising players floor standing 46 inches.

The software and solutions this company are very flexible. It makes it simple to plan appears, create a list of programs and select channels to view. Everything can be managed as easy as 1-2-3.

“Please visit our website for more information on special offer. Be sure not to miss as the stock will not last forever. We are very pleased to introduce our promotion customers. We have many players digital advertising display in stock. Whether you are a network operator or a marketing brand, you can be more successful through advertising digital display in the information era today, “said the spokesman

As a leading provider of advertising digital signage players offers the most reliable and cost effective products for its global customers. Its products consist of digital signage players, network advertising player (wall type and soil type) and BBS information distribution systems.

The spokesman added: “All the materials we use are quality A, and customers do not need to pay a lot of money to be successful in the digital display advertising. Our collections products are updated monthly, and our dedicated engineering team carefully examine our products before shipment. “

About has over 8 years experience in the digital signage industry, allowing our products to display rich content faster, easier and more efficient than ever. The company specializes in the manufacture and wholesale of high-end and mid-range digital signage players, allowing many companies worldwide in all business sectors to benefit from the power of communicating digital media. For more details, please see

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Special Offer On LCD Advertising Players From Digital Signage Manufacturer

(PRWEB) November 20, 2014, a distinguished electronic product manufacturer and retailer, has happily announced its special offer on all its LCD advertising players. All distributors can get a discounted price (up to 35% off). Now, thousands of high end products can be purchased at the company’s online shop.

According to the CEO, all of their brand new advertising players are made from secure materials. On the company’s website, clients can always save exorbitant amounts of money. is a reliable online shop of high quality products. Because of its affordable products, more and more clients visit its website. Thousands of worldwide distributors are pleased with what they get. Now, its top experts are making every effort to develop more durable items.

The CEO says, “Our company’s LCD advertising players are made according to the international quality standards. All of them are user-friendly; they can be set up without the need for professional installers and bulky equipment. That will certainly save a lot of money for the users.” has a group of top experts and skilled workers. Thus, it can always do what customers actually want. The advertising player collection has been prepared for quite a long time before the launch. The company’s top experts have made much improvement of the designs based on customers’ feedback. All these quality products are made by experienced workers.

About is a well-known digital signage technology company with the eligibility of production, installation and maintenance of digital signage products. The company has much experience in the industry, and its customers are provided with the best resources and professional tips. It aims to offer all kinds of high end digital signage products for the global market.For more information about the business and its digital players, visit

Special Offer on Multitouch Screen Coffee Tables from China Digital Signage Manufacturer

(PRWEB) November 7, 2014, a distinguished electronics manufacturer and retailer, happily announced its special offer on coffee tables multitouch screen. Digital-Signage-China promises that their products come with 100% best price guarantee.

The main spokesman of the company is proud of the new coffee tables of the multitouch screen. Many promotional items have been ordered by customers from all over the world. Moreover, they are all manufactured to international quality standards. The CEO of the company says that all its products are user-friendly features.

The company hopes that customers around the world can enjoy the benefits it brings this time. Consumers can find latest promotion of the company to the home page of the company. promised to spare no energy to create more affordable high-end products.

The company has worked hard to ensure rapid growth while maintaining the quality and freshness of each player on the digital display. The director said, “We are pleased to provide custom designs for our customers. This is a new service that we have not provided before. If a customer can not find its desired patterns on our website, he / she can contact us with special needs. In addition, we allow the customer drawings here; companies can create their special digital signage players by following a simple process. “

About has over 8 years experience in digital signage, enabling the display of rich content faster, easier and more efficiently than ever before. The company specializes in the manufacture and wholesale of high-end and mid-range digital signage players, allowing many companies worldwide in all business sectors to benefit from the power of communicating digital media. For more details, please visit: .

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U.S. Army Expands Usage of Desktop Alert Notification System at Task Force Strike! and U.S. Army Special Operations Command (USASOC)

Chatham, New Jersey (PRWEB) November 03, 2014

Today Desktop Alert Inc., the ‘less than one minute alerting platform’ used by the U.S. Military and numerous healthcare and corporate organizations worldwide, announced that the U.S. Army has continued to expand usage of the Desktop Alert Mass Notification platform both home and abroad with deployments in Afghanistan as well as at Fort Bragg. The same deployment is now in operation at Northern Command/NORAD Enterprise.

Task Force Strike is a US-led task force in the central and Eastern regions of Afghanistan. Task Force Strike comprises the US 2nd Brigade Combat Team, US 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) (United States), from the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault). Task Force Strike operates under the Combined Joint Task Force 10/RC East. TF Strike is responsible for the train and advise mission for the 201st ANA Corps in the North of Kabul portion of Eastern Afghanistan and serve as Train, advise & Assist Command North East.

The United States Army Special Operations Command (Airborne) (USASOC) is the command charged with overseeing the various special operations forces of the United States Army and is the largest component of the United States Special Operations Command. Its mission is to organize, train, educate, man, equip, fund, administer, mobilize, deploy and sustain Army special operations forces to successfully conduct worldwide special operations.

“Crucial in the selection process was our platforms very unique ability to deliver network alerts in seconds as opposed to minutes with both low bandwidth consumption and a zero need for expansion of hardware and system configurations. Our notification platform runs on the customers’ existing computational infrastructure and never requires an on-site install engineer. These installs were completed over the phone in a few hours start to finish. Lastly, the sustainment costs are historically low when compared to all known and approved DoD MNS alternatives”, said Howard Ryan, Founder and CEO Desktop Alert Inc.

Desktop Alert is an approved U.S. Army Leidos / EM2P Emergency Notification Platform. Desktop Alert has been selected as the primary network alerting platform at:

Northern Command/NORAD Enterprise
National Guard (ARMY and ANG Enterprise)
Fort Hood
Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center
Fort Gordon
Fort Bragg Special Operations Command
TF Strike Afghanistan
MRAP Units Afghanistan
Fort Campbell
Fort Knox
Fort Leavenworth
Fort Leonard Wood
Fort Rucker
Fort Polk
The United States Military Academy (USMA)
Keller Hospital at West Point (KOCH)
Notable Mention: All FEMA HQ locations nationwide
And numerous other U.S. Army locations locations

“When lives are at stake, second’s count. Desktop Alert is the only known DoD vendor with a 10 second poll rate capability for network alerting beit a on-premise or cloud-based deployment of our notification system. A five year review of our DoD client reports indicate 99% of all network alerts were and continue to be received in less than 60 seconds with a bulk of the alerts being received in under 30 seconds. Latency-based network alerts introduce the risk of failure to all missions. We hang our technological hat on the speed of the alerts delivery, the speed of the alerts receipt and doing so with little to no deprecation of the networks bandwidth” said Howard Ryan, CEO and Founder Desktop Alert Inc.

About Desktop Alert Inc.

Desktop Alert provides an array of end-point integrations with customers public address systems (Giant Voice), intercom systems, commanders channels, e-mail platforms, DSN-based and cloud-based telephony and sms message systems, network desktop alert popups, national weather service zip code based alerts, digital signage, cable tv, numerous social media systems, CAP server alert, external system sensors such as temperature devices and fire alarm systems.

Special Offer On DSP-100V Digital Signage Players Now Launched By Popular Supplier

(PRWEB) July 22, 2014

The cheap DSP-100V Digital Signage Players from are very popular at home and abroad. They are very famous for exquisite workmanship and great performance. Recently, the company has announced a new DSP-100V Digital Signage Player selection.

“We are pleased to announce the new range of DSP-100V Digital Signage Players. I understand that a nice digital signage player is an important tool for those who want to advertise their products effectively. Therefore, we insist on offering award-winning products. By the way, most of them are provided at low rates now,” the company’s chief executive officer says. is a reliable supplier of digital signage products. All its brand new DSP-100V Digital Signage Players are now offered at discounted prices, up to 30% off. It is worth mentioning that all of them are well designed by the company’s top designers with vast knowledge of craftsmanship and consumer needs. A large proportion of’s products have received rave reviews from worldwide customers. Thus, it is now one of the most distinguished digital signage product suppliers.

In addition, the company’s amiable customer service workers are always there to help. It hopes that the big discounts offered this time can really bring benefits to customers from around the world. is striving to make more cost-effective digital signage players. To meet the specific needs of diverse clients, they are offered at many specifications.

About is a well-known digital signage technology company with the eligibility of production, installation and maintenance of digital signage products. The company has much experience in the industry, and its customers are provided with the best resources and professional tips. It aims to offer all kinds of high end digital signage products for the global market.

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Bulletin Board Trimmers: One Special Means to Decorate Classroom

When you are teaching a child, then motivating him/her for the better education would be your first priority. And to do so, you need to be really seasoned with different ideas for your classroom. Your teaching technique should be creative enough to drag child of any age. Many effective ways to convey your education to the child will definitely ensure the quality of education. Students are required to be motivated with the help of different teaching tools. But it is very much important that students should be convinced enough to adopt this kind of ideas of teachers. To do so, teachers need to come up with new ideas to decorate the classroom and make the environment of the class conducive for the student. They might prefer to decorate classrooms with the help of bulletin boards.

If you are putting only bulletin board to decorate the classroom, then it might not become so appealing for the students. But when you are adding more pinch of salt with this kind of decoration, then classroom decoration becomes very attractive to any student. And to do so, you might add bulletin board trimmers around the edge of the bulletin board, which will definitely enhance the visual appeal of this item. These trimmers occupy one surface area of the bulletin board and this kind of design gives better visual appeal of the product. You can find different types of bulletin board trimmers, and you need to choose one from this variety. These are very much decorative and they contain certain simple designs like letters, solid colors and numbers. These trimmers make any bulletin board aesthetically beautiful and they can be used to impart proper education to the child.

Bulletin board trimmers are found in the market in sets. You can find these kinds of teacher supplies at reasonable price. Many trimmers are found in jazzy kind of design and few are found in simple design. Variety of colors is found in these types of teacher supplies, because bulletin boards are meant to be acquired for educating kids. In a classroom, students are supposed to get exposed to different kinds of activities. And this kind of classroom supply definitely helps to give more input in any kind of knowledge sharing technique. Thus, before choosing bulletin board, you need to be assured about the purpose of buying this product. And as per the needs, you need to buy this product from any reliable source.

Jag Jenny shares knowledge on teacher supplies and bulletin board trimmers and that make you able to find the best school supplies.