Global Restaurant Technology Leaders Create Digital Menu Board Partnership

Global Restaurant Technology Leaders Create Digital Menu Board Partnership
With the adoption of Digital Menu Boards accelerating amid industry recognition of revenue improvements and operational efficiency gains, BrightSign LLC and WAND Corporation have announced a partnership to deliver new jointly-developed capabilities.
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How digital technologies are curing menu-labeling headaches
The technology that fuels digital menu boards and ordering kiosks within restaurant locations today is being used to maintain nutritional disclosures in real time. This means that any time a restaurant operator needs to make a change, it can be done on …
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A workshop for people to learn and create, $7M digital library Do Space is

A workshop for people to learn and create, M digital library Do Space is
That mission is apparent from Monday's message on the new video sign board outside the building — “5 Days to See How Technology Is for Everyone” — to the rows of computer work stations, rooms for teenagers and little kids, and a 3-D printing workshop.
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It's Not Just VW: A Robust Market For Reprogramming Vehicles
CARB EO legal means it's been approved by the California Air Resources Board, because it doesn't jack up emissions. Very few … Nate Cardozo, a staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, says how the tuner takes control, technically, matters.
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In Houston's Gifted Program, Critics Say Blacks And Latinos Are Overlooked
Discrimination does exist whether intentional or unintentional," she told the school board in May of this year. Ford found that both Hispanic and black students are underrepresented in gifted programs and that black students are missing out the most …
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How to Create a Strong Voice Broadcasting Message

One of the first things I learned with voice broadcasting was to keep the message as short as possible while getting your main message across as soon as possible is important. In other works put your offer out on the table right away so people don’t hang up. Voice broadcasting is about getting people’s attention first, then presenting an amazing offer that will create an action.
Using a good voice is also important when doing a voice broadcast. Remember you are calling people while they are going through their regular daily routine so you must not try to irritate anyone. If you want them to respond positively you need to keep it simple and polite. Use a voice that is gentle and sounds positive.
Remember to always give them a automatic do not call option such as “press 8 to be removed from our call list”. This will save you and your customer’s headaches. Also, you can give them a second chance to opt-out of your list once they have been transferred to your PBX so your sales people don’t get yelled at.
During a voice broadcast, it is very important to give them an action to act up when the message is over such as “press 1” to be connected to a live person. Even better yet, if you are smart, you will offer a promotion and say “press 1 now to take advantage of this offer before it expires.” This approach will motivate people to talk to your company about your offer. Your voice broadcasting campaigns will see a difference right away if you just make this one change. 
There are many tricks of the trade when voice broadcasting. Even small changes can bring significant positive results to your voice broadcast marketing.  Lead generation can be simple if you implement the right plan.   Applying these voice broadcasting tips can give you an optimal return on your investment.

Rick Zepeda is a lead generation voice broadcasting professional. Be sure to get more tips and tricks free with Voice Broadcasting Insider Secrets.

Create a Digital Signage Plan

For companies to stand out in their respective industries, they need to amp up their game especially in this digital age. One surefire way to do this is by utilising the trend of digital signagein Australia. Digital signage is a form of digital marketingthat uses LCD, LED, plasma displays, or projected images. Such displays can be found in public places like shopping malls, retail stores, restaurants, train stations, or office buildings.

Digital signage is seen as a more beneficial marketing strategy compared to the traditional static signage because its content can be digitally updated, which means less cost for printing. Digital retail signagecan also be interactive with the use of touchscreen, movement detection, and image capture devices.

Before getting into the digital signage trend, your company must have a digital signage plan. Before you even begin installing your digital signage, you should first consider the location, your budget, purpose of the signage, timescale, and who will be designing your content. You will save time and expenses once you have these figured out:

There are certain locations that will be better than others for installing digital signage screens. The most ideal places for digital signage are those that are of high visibility. It’s important to know that choosing a location with a nearby electricity supply and networking cabling can reduce costs compared to having a digital signage installed farther. Consider the lighting as well when finding a location, if the screens will be under direct sunlight or under bright night lights. Knowing the lighting condition can help you determine which display device will be suitable. Indoor and outdoor location is also a determining factor for selecting the display.

The budget you will set will ultimately determine what kind of digital signage solution you can have.

Identify your target market, your message, and if you are delivering information, advertising or both. Answering such questions can help you assess if digital signage can meet your needs.

Expect that a more complex job will require a longer time. Large-scale digital marketing needs complex solutions and will take more time in installing and testing.

Content is highly-important in digital signage. An appealing content that maximises the capability of digital marketing to display multimedia content will be more effective. You can hire an external agency to do the creative work and produce the content for you.

If you are looking into digital designservices in Melbourne, your first pick should be Square Circle Triangle (SCT), a professional digital signagecompany in Australia.

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