A precise voice recorder for perfect usage

Online voice recorder is basically a web voice recording application for the website. It is a very effective technology which can help you to record all your messages online just with the help of a browser and the website. Meanwhile the devices have become smaller with the advent of digital voice recorder technology. Improved versions of noise reduction software have helped to improve the clarity of the sound to a great extent. But one will be amused to see the small size of the mini voice recorders and some of them have a long record time of around 298 hours.

Online voice recorder is a very effective method of adding audio of high quality to the website. Another advantage of the system is that it is very simple to install and even a fresh web designer can do it in minutes. Digital voice recorders can record voice memos to a memory chip and while functioning, it can play the memos back. A mini voice recorder, on the other hand, can save any recorded message in the form of standard sound files and the recording parameters can also be set. The recorder also has a voice activation system, which can pause the recordings quite effectively.

Online voice recorder can be added to the admin area of the website and hence the website owners can have complete control on the content. As a result of this, the website owner can record, delete or modify the content as per his or her needs. Digital voice recorders can be used frequently to record any lecture or conversation or conferences. They cannot be generally used for recording of music because the sampling rate is much lower than is required for quality musical purpose. Mini voice recorder can act as a flash disc and it can help to store and transfer any data in it.

There are many features of an online voice recorder, which includes audio email, audio bulletin boards, audio announcements, audio support tickets, talking sites and many more. The recording time of the digital voice recorders on the other hand, can differ according to the quality setting of the device. If the quality setting is high, you can get a clearer recording. As mini voice recorders have a pause system, it can get a more effective recording time. Thus when downloading the recordings to a computer, one can even restore the pause length or delete it according to the setting.

Online voice recorders are mainly used in real estate, jewelry and gaming related websites. In a jewelry website, one can give a detail audio description of the item. Similarly, in a gaming website, players can send voice messages to each one of them during the play. As far as digital voice recorders are concerned, one can get more usage if the product has got PC connectivity. Mini voice recorders can help you to do preset recordings as it has got a calendar and clock. The device also functions in a wide range of temperature.

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Digital Poster Advertising – The Perfect Advertising Medium For the Small Business

We have all heard about Out Of Home (OOH) advertising and Digital Out Of Home advertising (DOOH), however there is a small but growing group of forward thinking business people who are utilising digital advertising to get their shop or store noticed.

These business people are using digital posters, these are a scaled down version of an outdoor digital sign with one exception, that they are housed indoors as they do not have the necessary protection to work efficiently outdoors.

What is a digital poster? They are an intelligent, third generation photo frame, just like a digital photo frame they have an LCD display, up to 19 inches wide by 25 inches high and they show the images in a slide show format, now here is the were a digital poster is different to a photo frame.

The digital poster comes with some software so you can drag and drop your images onto the memory card then set the rotation time, so that the images rotate in sequence, as you require. Then you have to insert the media card into the player, once secured into position, the digital poster is now ready to hang in your store window or on the wall.

Digital posters can also accept MPEG video files, so you can create a video and zone the screen and have separate images in each zone, while running video, the only thing you can not do is add RSS feeds, this is due to no Internet connection on the poster.

Now what makes them a perfect medium to get additional business, this is your opportunity to up sell your in-store merchandise and get a fast return on your investment, as you create the media content, so there are no additional costs and only a small investment in terms of money and time to get the digital sign configured and working.

Dave is a technical author in the field on digital signage, having supplied top tier signage integrators with indoor digital posters, he is also the owner of the only European specialist manufacturer of LCD enclosures, that protect to IP65 and NEMA X4 as well as offering vandal proof protection.

New Mousepads from Sunrise Digital Make the Perfect Holiday Gift

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) November 06, 2014

Chicago-based printer Sunrise Digital (http://www.sunrisedigital.us/) are experts in the large format flatbed printing sector. Mousepads are one of their many specialty products. They print directly to the mousepad top using their high-resolution full-color UV flatbed printers with scuff and fade-resistant inks. This process ensures excellent image quality; the best one can find. The mousepads themselves are on high-grade neoprene rubber base with a non-skid bottom. The top is a white fabric for easy printing.

These mousepads will make the perfect gift for family, friends, or add a business logo and they make a fabulous and useful corporate gift. Upload a high-res photograph and Sunrise will make a memorable keepsake for family and friends. These mousepads also make a headache-free corporate giveaway. They are cost-effective and hassle-free with Sunrise Digital’s super fast turnaround times. Buyers can choose from various sizes and thicknesses including 9.25”x7.75” square or 7.5” round at 0.25” thickness and also options in a 0.125” thickness.

About Sunrise Digital

Sunrise Digital is an Inc. 5000 company established in 1988 and employs the most advanced equipment and technology, such as G7-certified HP Indigo and UV flatbed presses, laser engraving, and digital die-cutting, to create best-in-class color printing, short-run packaging, P.O.P. retail displays, and signage products. A privately-owned enterprise, the company is based in Chicago and sells products worldwide.

Crafting the Perfect Welcome Message

One of the biggest welcome email mistakes that many companies make is to send a welcome email to their subscriber that well, just welcomes them really. Thanks for the thought, Company X, but how about throwing your customer a bone here? They took their precious time to sign up, fill out that contact form to receive future emails from you, so you need to remind them why they want to keep getting your emails. Here are a few hints on how to create a welcome email that doesn’t just jump-start a dialogue with your customer, but can also inspire them to start buying on your website or in your store sooner rather than later.

Be On Time

Sending that welcome email as soon as possible after folks sign up can reinforce your dialogue with your customer, making them a lot less likely to forget what they just signed up for. Sounds obvious, but if you leave too much time between your customers signing up to receive email communications and you actually mailing something to them, they might forget that they opted in to receive mail from you and (no!) unsubscribe. Don’t let this happen to you.

Take Advantage of the High Open Rate

Welcome emails traditionally have higher open rates than other kinds of email campaigns, which means this is a not-to-be-missed opportunity for you to highlight the benefits of your email program to your customer. Let them know first off what they subscribed to. Send a personalized greeting with a brief message confirming their subscription – “Hi Suzie, thanks for joining us and welcome to HotShoes.com. Now, you will be the first in line to get all the latest HotShoes.com news, including exclusive email sales and fashion footwear tips from around the globe that are only available to customers on our e-mail list!” Combining a message like this with strong branding in your ‘from’ address and subject line, ensures your customer will know where this message came from.

Remember To Say Please & Thank You

Actually, it’s more like saying “thank you” and “please”…. spend some money: “Dearest customer, please use this 20% off coupon good towards your next purchase.” Your customer just got a great deal for simply opting in to your email program. The idea is to make sure you thank them for opting in to receive emails from you by rewarding them for their efforts. Utilizing immediate rewards will not only help drive those sales but will also make your customer feel great about getting an exclusive offer. Also, think about pointing them to places on your website that might be of interest to a new customer or add a link to your newsletter – think of ways to drive up those click through rates.

Build up the trust

When it comes to sending email out to your customers, building on their trust should be your highest priority. Sending out emails that provide your customers with an easy-opt out footer and privacy policy link shows them that you’re not out to hound them 24/7 with your promotions and that you do care about protecting your customer’s information. Set expectations for what to expect – message frequency and content. Letting customers know right off the bat what kind of emails they should expect to be receiving from you, and when, helps build something invaluable – customer trust.

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