Outdoor Digital Menu Board Installation, Chefette Restaurants, Viewstation by ITSENCLOSURES

Chefette Restaurants Ltd, a family owned quick service restaurant chain located on Barbados, made the transition to digital menu boards in early 2013. Chefette turned to ITSENCLOSURES to provide indoor and outdoor digital menu board solutions for their stores. Rated to withstand direct sunlight and a temperature range of -40 to 120° F, the ViewStation QSR environmental enclosures were ideal for the coastal Barbados environment. www.viewstation.com
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What To Look For In Outdoor Toys

Parents love outdoor toys because they get the children out in the yard. Kids love outdoor toys because they’re toys. Their preferences are more straightforward. With the warm weather coming, you could be planning on acquiring a couple of new outdoor toys for your youngsters. One toy that I’ve enjoyed has been splashing down Bonza Water Slides. Below you’ll find several ideas for outdoor toys that you probably have never thought about. Banzai Water Slides is another option for an outdoor toys that they children will love.

Skateboards aren’t usually the first playthings that concerned parents would give thought to purchasing. Your 4-year old obviously shouldn’t be expected to act like Tony Hawk in a skate park, though. Your child could have fun with skateboarding safely, and it may be learned while they’re young. Bravo Sports markets a group of character-themed skateboards for smaller riders.

The Disney Pixar Cars Skateboard is a favorite style, and can be a great starter skateboard due to the fact that the deck is pretty wide and the wheels are created to roll slowly. Offering your child a safe skateboard to learn on and using the occasion to teach him about helmets and pads in the process will probably make things less difficult in years to come.

Many children take pleasure in messing around in the mud, so kid-sized gardening tools would be a natural idea for your undersized landscaper. Melissa and Doug make a line of solidly constructed, brightly decorated kid sized gardening toys which are going to be exciting to play with and might introduce your child to the excitement of gardening, or maybe even yard work. The line of tools is known as Sunny Patch Toys and the Happy Giddy Rake is likely to be the cutest piece of the group. This bright orange rake features a handle paianted in many stripes of four bright shades. If your youngster delights in dirt or bright colors or both, these gardening tools might be a great investment. And the good thing is that your kids can easily clean themselves up by going down Banzai Water Slides; this will surely be a pleasant treat for the kids.

Geocaching is a somewhat high-tech variety of treasure hunting commonly employed by adults. It calls for one player concealing a box of fascinating but valueless objects at a particular location. The place is marked along with map coordinates and then uploaded on a real or digital bulletin board. The Geomate Jr. Geocaching GPS for Kids is fairly less complicated, although it works in the same manner. Using the toy, you surf through the 250,000 pre installed spots and locate the spot nearest to your house. Then set off on foot, following the directions on the screen. When you reach the place, you will come across a little tin holding notecards or treasures. Don’t forget to contribute your gift or letter to the cache and return it where you found it. Geocachers will gain an understanding of map reading in addition to following directions, and will enjoy an afternoon spent in the fresh air.

Any toys that get children away from the TV are good toys. If such toys turn out to be solidly constructed and enjoyable too, then they can be regarded as exceptional toys and if your kids are anything like me they’ll enjoy that refreshing time sliding down Banzai Water Slides. Find a few of these exceptional toys at a retailer near you today.

Dawood Sajid volunteers with a Banzai Water Slides Review Site that informs consumers about the different kinds of Banzai Water Slides and much more.

Outdoor Digital Menu Boards by ViewStation QSR

ViewStation by ITS Enclosures offers a line of outdoor digital menu boards for Quick Service Restaurant’s (QSR’s). The video outlines the background, features and benefits of choosing ViewStation for your next project. For more information on products, please visit www.viewstation.com or call 800-423-9911.
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WAND Unveils Economic Outdoor Digital Menu Board Solutions for QSRs

WAND Unveils Economic Outdoor Digital Menu Board Solutions for QSRs
Global restaurant technology company WAND Corporation has unveiled it's new, high-powered, economic outdoor digital menu board solutions for limited service restaurants. The new solutions are developed specifically to help QSRs increase speed, order …
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Mainstreet, SignStix partnering for retail digital signage experiences
Applications include digital signage and interactive displays, digital menu boards, ultra-high-definition video walls, digital-out-of-home advertising, wayfinding and corporate communication. Mainstreet National Account Manager Keith Highlen said: …
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Safeway replacing Albertsons in Altamonte Springs
"When complete, our new Safeway locations will have contemporary décor packages, new digital signs and menu boards, a natural/organic zone and living well products," said Albertsons Cos. Houston division president Sidney Hopper in a statement.
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Programmable LED Sign for Outdoor, Tri Color 15mm Pitch 31″x22″x3″ – UL Certified Electonic Message Center Board Display

Programmable LED Sign for Outdoor, Tri Color 15mm Pitch 31″x22″x3″ – UL Certified Electonic Message Center Board Display

Programmable LED Sign for Outdoor, Tri Color 15mm Pitch 31

  • Customize messages to attract attention and increase sales/business.
  • Made for outdoor usage / 99 messages / Images, Icons, Symbols, Graphics, Videos, preprogrammed in the signs.
  • The signs are UL Listed. Manufactured in the United States. UL Standards were made in place to make sure that the products are safe and able to withstand specific conditions (Fire testing, Electrical testing).
  • 1 year Parts/3 Year Factory Labor Warranty. Hanging Wires included with the remote control and manual to program the sign.
  • “FREE” Design Service for franchise brands that manage over 20 stores.

FRAME SIZE : 21.4 in. x 30.8 in.

DISPLAY SIZE : 18.9 in. x 28.3 in.


Pixel Pitch : 15 mm

Pixel Configuration : 1R, 1G

Module Duty : 1/4

Pixel Type : Real


Module Type : PCB

Module Pixel Matrix : 32 x 48


Color: Red

Total Physical Pixels ( Dots) : 1536

Total Pixels : Not Virtual

Total LED Lamps : 3072

Adjustable Brightness : 10 Levels

Viewing Angle : Horizontal

List Price: $ 1,290.00


Creating powerful content for outdoor Digital signage

Today, digital signage with powerful digital signage content and attractive graphics has taken over the world of advertising. Companies, both small and large, are increasingly using this medium for catching the attention of audience and improving sales. Until now, digital signage was predominantly used only indoors.

Advertising on outdoor digital signage gained in prominence recently and many companies today realize the effectiveness of this strategy. With powerful and creative content and attractive graphics, outdoor digital signage has the potential to take businesses to great heights. An added advantage is that since the content is played through a computerized system, there is no limit to the variation in the content and scheduling, based on feedback.

As compared to indoor signage, outdoor signage offers enhanced 24 hour visibility. However, there are certain unique challenges that have to be dealt with as you place the LCD or plasma screens in outdoor locations. Another aspect to remember is that the outdoor signage content has to be extremely attractive and powerful as compared to conventional content usually displayed indoors.

Digital screens placed outdoors are viewed by a passing crowd as compared to the indoor screens that are viewed from a stationary location. Passersby may be walking briskly or may be traveling in a fast moving vehicle. The outdoor signage must therefore contain content that is powerful enough to catch their attention, send information or message in just a split second. Combining static and dynamic images captures viewer’s attention which is one of the best advantages of digital signage.

Here are a few digital signage content tips for outdoor locations –

Ensure that the advertisement is not crowded with a lot of information. It is a good idea designing powerful key elements. With just a brief glance, viewers must be able to receive the message you are promoting. 
Another factor that governs the effectiveness of outdoor digital signage is the ambient lighting. In order to ensure that the content can be viewed with clarity under any lighting condition during the day or night, the lighting and angle of the screen must be worked on precisely.
It is recommended to use graphics and moving images as sparingly as possible. Digital signage is not a TV and most people do not have the time to stand around looking at it. If you do have transitions and moving images make sure there is a focal point where you can draw the attention of viewers. This stationary key point should be the main message you are promoting.
Do not draw attention away from the main message with complicated fonts. Use fonts sparingly and do not use more than a couple of them. Try not to mix fonts as uniformity is important to capture attention.

.  signage content should not all be in caps. Shape of the word must be clearly legible to people to ensure  that they are able to read it well at a glance. It is a good idea therefore to use both upper and lower case lettering.

Use colors sparingly too. Choose colors that complement each other well.
 Test the content before you display it. Ask for people’s opinion and fine tune the content for maximum effect.

In today’s world where signages are jostling for attention, it pays to give deep attention to creating a display which grabs attention and has a lasting impact on the viewer’s minds.



Resus offer forward thinking advertising solutions in the Digital signage market place. http://www.resusdigitalsignage.com