Popular Internet Marketing That is Free to Low Cost

Instead of spending big bucks to advertise in print publications and participate in other costly offline marketing venues, many businesses of all sizes are turning to free to low cost internet methods and strategies to invest their time, effort and branding for a greater outreach. Because for much less than the price of one print classified ad, a company can generate many more leads, targeted leads, with methods that are free to very low cost on the Internet, while responses from print campaigns, if any, are often not worth the return on investment (ROI) in comparison.

Some of the more popular free to low cost internet marketing methods out there today follow.

1) Free Press Release and Article Directories – Well written articles and press releases help draw targeted Internet traffic to websites. Simply insert a link in the body of the press release that invites readers to visit a website for a free report or other offer in the last paragraph, and add a similar call to action in the resource box or byline or an article. Then submit the press releases and articles to free online article directories and press release sites. Find them by entering keywords like, “free article directory,” in Google or other top search engine.

2) Hire Ghostwriters – Hiring someone to write content for your blog, website, article and press release submissions work is easy to day and inexpensive when you outsource your work to ghostwriters. Find experienced, qualified writers on freelance bid sites like Elance.com and on forums in your niche and in the Internet marketing arena, like at WarriorForum.com.

3) Establish a Presence at Free Social Networking, Bookmarking and Other Sites – There are many places online where you can register for a free account, set up a web presence there, often with the ability to upload digital media to share with others, post on a blog and more, while also networking with fellow members and / or visitors to the site, as they make comments on your content, share their info and more. Some of these sites are:


Find many more by searching Onlywire.com for starters. And sign up there to bookmark all your content for sharing with multiple sites and to learn more.

A couple points to keep in mind with these sites are: follow the rules at each, don’t spam and don’t go over board there. For example, Hubpages only allows two links to your sites, at the time of this writing. Don’t add three, trying to fake them out with an affiliate link. And don’t spam comments all over on other Hubs just to get links. This type negative activity can get you banned, your account closed.

4) Free Classified Online Ads – Search for “free classified ads” in Google and many sites show up. Some of the more popular places to submit your ads are:

a) craigslist
b) backpage
c) kijiji
d) gumtree
e) loquo
f) classifieds.myspace
g) expo.live
h) adlandpro
i) usfreeads
j) oodle

For help writing your ads and even submitting them and keeping them up to date on each site, consider hiring help, outsourcing with a ghostwriter experienced with sales copy, and a virtual assistant who can open accounts at each place, submit your ads and follow up as they expire to renew them, revise them, etc.

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Digital Signage Technology India Surpasses All Traditional Means of Marketing

The changing world is the world of advertising. You need to advertise, no matter whether you are shopkeeper, artist, florist, celebrity or doctor. It is must to spread awareness among target audience; else you are out of competition. Thanks to marketers that have made steady efforts in coming up with different marketing means that could help establish brand awareness and enhance online visibility. Gone are the days, when people use to rely on advertisement copy in magazine, newspaper or printing of brochures, banner and pamphlets. Even the static board concept of advertising has turned obsolete. Today, organizations use digital signage to spread the word and help people know different products and services.

Digital signage technology India has also grown much in demand, because of its effectiveness. It involves the use of remote-controlled distribution and playback of digital content on various networks of displays. The display board may vary with regard to screen size, needs of advertising, etc. you could easily find them across restaurants, hotels, corporate environment and numerous other places. It has turned out to be one of the interactive mediums that assists in corporate messaging, brand building, etc. It fulfils the goal of advertising by promoting a product. It can be taken into advantage by displaying rich messages, targeted on basis of group, location, product type, etc.

Digital signage enjoys more number of advantages over television and other advertising means. This technology can be used, when consumers are in active state of purchase. At the same time, they are quite close to the point of purchase. Consumers have reported it to be useful because of better user experience. It is expected to double the message retention and brand awareness. Users feel happy to get complete information. On other hand, display of message to targeted audience at right time and at right place is what companies look for and thus, is has turned up with win-win opportunity for the growth of business. Even the sales figures are expected to improve with time. Hence, it is useful not only for consumers, but also for businesses. As a proof of play, it can surpass any other medium, as it has a facility of reporting, screen by screen, the number of times an ad was run, the number of consumers who interacted with a given screen and even, the number of people who actually watched the screen.

In order to get these benefits of advertising, companies need to have both hardware and software that work seamlessly with each other. There are digital signage companies that can be contacted for the complete assistance. They design in customized solutions that could cater to the needs of the business and thus, can be used as an efficient and powerful means of marketing.

Author has been speclist about the Digital Signage technology for the long time and the solutions for Digital Signage Software, content creator and network manger.

Broadcast Your Business Through Viral Marketing

The digital age allowed the fastest and easiest mode of distributing information. Internet marketing has changed the world of selling. The old salesman wearing a flashy tie knocking on your doors, tapping on your windows and ringing your bells is a thing of the past.

Try a simple approach called viral marketing. No, it has nothing to do with those nasties around in the cold and flu season, nor will it crash your computer! Viral marketing is the expression used to describe the fast and quick spreading nature of this marketing style. To understand viral marketing better, lets take a look at what the steps you need to take are to gain better returns for your valuable time.

Look at acquiring copyright on an ebook. By selecting an ebook that discusses interesting topics or provides useful information about your product lines, you have a unique opportunity to position yourself as an expert in your niche market. When producing the ebook, aim to have it set out in such a way that your business tags and your best products are highlighted. Make sure that a link to your landing page appears prominently in each page of the ebook. Next, look at allowing your visitors to freely distribute your ebook, such as via emails, social bookmarks, links in their blogs, etc. When you allow for the e-book to be easily transmitted, then you can facilitate your desired exposure across the internet in the same way a virus spreads.

Look at setting up a forum or a bulletin. This is a straight forward task that you can do via your blog site; you can also create an egroup from a list of emails of potential customers. Place a banner appearing at the top of the bulletin board where all visitors to the bulletin will have your products in their line of sight generating interest in these potential customers. Next allow them to link your discussion board to their websites or blogs, this of course works best with those that actually have a website. Remember, that your banner alone works well for marketing purposes.

Look at trading horses. By sharing your best web design templates with other sites you can generate a unique opportunity for exchange links back to your site. By visual association, the designs that you give out for free, if remembered along with your own product lines, can create a spiraling effect. Good graphics makes a website attractive; hence, sharing your talent in graphics design in exchange of a larger share of internet traffic is a fair deal. Place a copyright notice in all your designs, and this will compel viewers to comply with your conditions as well as generating a unique link back to your own website.

Look for others who may be willing to advertise in your own viral ebook. The advantage of this is that you can also add additional links and generate additional promotion through the advertisers eagerness to promote their own business. The more this advertiser is trying to promote their own place within the ebook, the more advantageous it can turn out to be for you. By writing a good ebook you have a unique opportunity to increase the credibility of your business and the products and services being promoted.

Write and submit articles that closely relate to your product or service being offered. Be sure to include in your resource box the terms and conditions for allowing the reprint of the articles. Resource boxes are usually located at the end of Ezine articles, and most article banks use the same options.

Through the use of a variety of marketing techniques and accurate representation of your products and services across a number of formats online, you can generate a buzz around your product and place your business in the consciousness of the customers you are wishing to attract. The viral marketing format simply allows for an increase in the generation of traffic, a chance to promote into your niche market and the opportunity to ensure that your business achieves internet marketing success.

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Digital Signage Fulfils Many Marketing “Roles”

Digital signage, with its eye-catching video played on state-of-the-art monitors, can play many roles in a retail store – roles that have at one time or another been filled by various sales staff. The advantages of relying on digital technology to deliver your messages to customers are pronounced. Not only will you be able, able to deliver your message more economically and efficiently, in most instances, but you can be assured that the content of the marketing message that is delivered is both consistent and effective.

Consider some of the marketing roles that digital signage can fill:

“Attractor” – Gone are the days of the shill and the hawker standing on the street touting the goods and services for sale and trying to entice passersby into your store. Except for the novelty effect – what’s old is new again – paying someone with a sandwich board to draw customers has been wholly replaced by display windows and advertising displays. Storefront monitors displaying digital advertising allows you to craft the message you wish to deliver to window-shoppers and the foot traffic that passes by your retail outlet.

“Ambassador” – Digital signage can be configured to greet and direct customers or clients to customer service counters, self-service kiosks or sales staff. Efficiency is heightened by having sales staff interact with customers in the display areas or aisles where purchase decisions are being made, rather than greeting each customer at the entrance. While greeters might still be used, customers can be directed to the areas where the products and services are located, rather than being faced with and politely deferring the ubiquitous “Can I help you?” question, with the perfunctory “No thanks, I’m just looking,” response.

“Wayfinder” – Digital signs and content can be configured and located to give directional information to customers, directing them through the retail outlet to the product aisles they are looking for. By shaping traffic and directing traffic flow, wayfinding technology can help customers find the products they are looking for quickly and easily, enhancing the customer experience and freeing up sales staff to wait on customers who have found the products they are looking for and are making their purchase decision.

“Signaler” – The content of your digital advertising can be focused on promoting particular products and sales items. Monitors and digital displays can provide real-time promotion of products and promotions in real time, allowing promotion of sale products and products that may have limited shelf life.

“Closer” – Digital signage is particularly effective at the point-of-purchase and can be used to promote impulse purchases at a sales counter, as well as providing repetition of sales messaging that has already been presented to your customers throughout their shopping experience.

Used consistently, digital advertising can guide customers through their retail shopping experience, providing focused and consistent marketing from point of entry to point of sales. In addition to presenting a strategically thought out marketing message, the consistency and measurability of digital signage allows you to continuously improve its effectiveness. The metrics provided through advanced digital advertising software enables you to see what is – or isn’t – effective in converting customers to purchasers.

Far more effective than relying on traditional print advertising, the interactive nature of digital signage allows you to fill many of the less fruitful functions of your sales staff – attracting customers, greeting them, helping them find your products – and allows your sales people to concentrate on building customer rapport and converting that rapport into sales.

Digital signage has been shown to be effective in helping retailers build customer traffic, increase sales, improve inventory management and generate additional revenue.

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Advantages of digital marketing for business advancement

While traditional media deliver information from one to many, modern marketing delivers info from many to many. Such example of traditional media delivery is similar to romantic fling. Initial spark will create exciting experience, but then campaign budget will be spent and relationship will end abruptly. This is why sign board marketing is modern marketing and creates a relationship for longer period, enabling community to build and develop.
Modern generations are becoming screen addicts-they constantly use one type of screen or other (TV, mobile pone, tablet, etc.). This is why some companies still invest in classic screen marketing. But the future is in digital signage- because people still go outside and purchase lots of products and services outside. It is important to deliver them info about these products and services outside and this is where signage comes in play.
Basically, advertising is about to set up a plan of work-for every company is important to have the clear idea who their clients are and what they want. Company will have to answer to question: “what story should be told about your brand?” There is no story that can’t be told on digital signage dubai, as this is incredibly versatile marketing tool. Digital signage is powerful marketing tool that is being used as many companies these days so don’t stay behind your competition when it comes to marketing.
Signage companies in uae have marketing advantage because they deliver companies possibility to directly communicate with their users. This is excellent way for the company to learn something about its users, which can be used to improve products or services. Additionally, signage dubai is very affordable form of marketing when one considers size of audience that will see marketing message. Excellent example of outdoor signage marketing is example of one virtual store of Tesco company. Supermarket chain wanted to cover larger market without opening new stores and they managed to achieve their goal by using innovative technology: setting up virtual stores on metro stations where users could simply take a photo of offered products and order it online, with products being delivered directly to their home addresses. Another example of communication with users over virtual user center are companies Best Buy and ASB bank, that enabled to their clients to tweet their message or use facebook to contact officer with whom they want to safely chat-instead of having to wait on the phone to get in touch with someone. The conclusion to this is that advantages of digital marketing modes such as signages are evident, because, as experts say: “If you don’t use digital marketing, it is as if you don’t exist.”

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Email Direct Marketing: Combining Electronic Mail Advertising And Marketing With Different Forms Of Advertising

Whether or not you choose to do your marketing online or offline, one factor does not change. That is the idea that no single advertising and marketing strategy will probably be as efficient as a combination of two or more advertising strategies. This does not imply it is obligatory so that you can implement every known marketing strategy to advertise your corporation but slightly it implies that it’s worthwhile to market from just a few different perspectives to help you obtain what you are promoting related goals. This article will look at the importance of mixing email marketing with different types of marketing to create a successful; multi tiered advertising strategy and also will offer some recommendation on managing more than one advertising technique at once.

As the old saying goes, “Two heads are better than one,” and that is certainly true in terms of marketing. Chances are you’ll enjoy quite a lot of success with email marketing however this does not imply you shouldn’t try different sorts of on-line advertising and marketing similar to website creation, participation in industry related message boards, inserting banner advertisements, orchestrating an internet affiliate marketing marketing campaign and generating inbound hyperlinks to your website. While it is attainable that not all of those methods can be efficient for your corporation, you might be likely to discover at least one different option which enhances your e mail marketing and helps you to obtain your online business related goals.

Alternately it’s possible you’ll even wish to mix your email advertising and marketing campaign with extra conventional marketing methods such as radio ads, television advertisements and the print media. Simply because these types of advertising do not take place online, doesn’t mean they will not be able that can assist you generate extra business. In actual fact advertising both on-line and offline can mean you can attain a bigger target audience. This is because you’ll likely reach Web customers all over the world but can also attain potential customers who don’t make the most of the Internet for purchasing or researching products or services just like those you offer.

Well-liked advertising methods to combine with email advertising and marketing include banner advertisements and message board participation. These are all online activities and each individually is pretty simple. However, in combination these easy activities can create a robust statement. You may send out emails offering useful information about your products or services, buy banner advert space on web sites which can be of curiosity to your potential clients and participate in trade associated message boards where you may earn the respect and pique the curiosity of potential customers. Even if your potential customers usually are not at present in need of the products and services you supply, seeing your corporation identify so often can have a branding effect. Branding is actually a process by which shoppers see an organization identify so usually that they are more more likely to select a product from this company when they are in want of an item the corporate offers.

If you’re planning to combine multiple types of advertising, you need to be conscious that this could make it tough for you to consider the effectiveness of each advertising strategy. This is very true of the advertising and marketing methods are applied concurrently. If you end up only using one type of selling technique, you may typically attribute will increase in sales or web site traffic to changes in the advertising strategy. Nevertheless, when more than one kind of promoting technique is in effect, figuring out which strategy is producing the desired effect may be fairly difficult. This case may be handled by not making modifications to a couple of advertising and marketing strategy at a time. This will help to pinpoint which adjustments produce an increase in sales or website traffic. It may additionally show you how to to find out when changes to your marketing technique have a detrimental effect in your gross sales and website traffic. However, in case you are having difficulty determining which advertising and marketing technique is only you possibly can consider asking customers to answer survey questions and provide data similar to how they discovered about the services or products your corporation offers.

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Internet Marketing Vs Classic Marketing

What I call “classic marketing” are all things that have been established, forms of advertising for the past 50+ years such as television, newspapers, envelopes, billboards and radio. What I call “internet marketing” are all new forms of advertising only recently established in the business such as search engines, social networks, banner ads and mobile media. The integration of these two mediums is one of the axes of this article and how well they will be in contact over the next year, according to projections of market and business planning. We enter into a new and interesting time that will feature many new services, advertising and great opportunities for your company to see the return on investment.

First it was Mail, which was first enacted as an official system all the way back to 2200 BC and perhaps further, the government and major merchants of the times would send mailers to wealthy individuals hoping to obtain donations or customers. Then Newsprint appeared in the mid 17th century, it was the middle of the day and its creation has been well accepted and advertised as any other form of publication was available other than the author of a book, which was expensive at the time. Then came Billboards as lithography has become widespread and even exploded after the creation of the motor vehicle when citizens would increasingly use motorways, giving them more visibility. Then you had the radio come triumphantly into the scene, revolutionizing the way people communicate and be entertained on a daily basis. Last of the traditional types of marketing was TV and the TV did explode the advertising market, entire industries have been built around it until now when the average person has 3-4 televisions in their homes.

Then in the 80’s there was the Internet, it was not anything near the behemoth it is today, but it was innovative and very useful to government and science. The first advertising was Banner Ads and was pioneered by a company that was sub-corp. of Sears and IBM. Today, these types of ads are still effective and widely used by many top sites. Then came the search engines, creating a way to find Web sites without having to know a directory or URL directly, it opened the door for PPC and SEO to create a multi-billion industry. Social Networks began popping up online and then when Myspace attained millions of users massive ad campaigns were launched targeting those potential clients and created another multi-billion dollar industry. Last with the invention of the Mobile Web and Cell Phone Internet, Mobile Media flourished and now Smart Phones make it more profitable than ever.

Now that I have defined the major markets that each category refers to I would like to discuss the current situation of each of these mediums. Conventional marketing has seen a significant reduction of investment and return on investment with the advent of the Internet, television is the only demographic group that is still growing. The success of newspapers and shippers have fallen down drastically all the time, boards have become effective only for local products and the radio has almost disappeared in some parts of the country. When the decline began each industry realized it was time or get off the train, so they started to integrate their services in the Internet, by forcing a piece of the pie that had been removed. Radio got Pandora and the other various Internet Radio services, Newspapers began creating digital copies of the daily paper and Mail has been nearly eaten up by the Internets quick and cost effective E-Mail systems. Even television has made the need for mid-range of services available online and sites like Hulu have been created. According to polls in 2011 84% of the U.S. population had Internet access in some form in their household. Market analysis show that by 2015 Internet Marketing will account 25% of all ad spending in America. The different forms of Internet marketing have proven extremely successful, banner ads and social networks moving along strong niche and many have been created to enable marketers to reach customers directly, which showed an intrinsic value of their products or services. PPC and SEO consist of the majority of marketing dollars online making Search Engine the most invested in and Mobile Media is exploding at the moment as Smart Phones become more prevalent.

It is inevitable, in theory, that over the next two decades they will slowly merge into one multi-media delivery system, most likely in a mode we cannot foresee, as we do not have the technological advancements yet. But what we can foresee is that they will, in majority, become one large Internet based medium. With the merging, it allows for new forms of marketing to develop such as T.V. Banner Ads, Radio PPC Campaigns and Internet Based Digital Billboards. It is a new marketing frontier and if you have not already gotten on-board this is the time. If you are a business that plans on operating in the next decades you need to create websites and advertising campaigns online, you need to follow the changes in the market that are projected and lastly you need to stay open to new technological developments and not turn a blind eye to huge investment possibilities that appear in the next few years.

Internet Marketing gives businesses of any size access to the mass market at an affordable price. Also Internet Marketing focuses on advertising to refined groups of people who are looking for your services whereas conventional focuses on pushing goods or services to as many viewers at once as possible. In this Digital Age we cannot try to cling with the marketing tactics of the past, the world is ever changing and so must we. At the moment Internet Marketing is the frontier, fifty years from now it will be something we can’t comprehend at the moment. Conventional methods should still be a large part of your budget but as the years pass and the markets merge, where will you be if you have no website.

Eugene Coscodan is a SEO Strategist working at Reliable Networks. He is interested in Internet marketing, Internet technology, web development, and computer security. If you’d like to connect with him, contact Reliable Networks.

How Shopper Marketing And Digital Signage Converge

When retail sales are brisk and customers are inclined to spend some money, there is a tendency to expand your marketing message. This happens all through the retail industry

As the overall economy slows and consumers tighten up their budgetary belts, retailers tend to narrow their reach. With all this, it is no shock that shopper marketing (SM) is currently enjoying a moderate resurrection.

Because digital signage has grown to be progressively invasive in nearly every retail field, it’s essential to understand how the system dovetails with purchaser advertising

In this post, we will begin by defining the term; it has evolved throughout the past few years; we’ll then have a look at using the technique on your digital signage system, and explore the reasons for doing so.

Explaining The Phrase “Shopper Marketing”

In the past, the phrase “shopper marketing” implied merely to focus on clients – generally in the framework of a retail atmosphere. The technique was fairly fresh and the definition was hazy. As you may expect, this created no absence of misunderstandings

Studies obtained by HUB Magazine as recently as 2008 uncovered that even agencies accountable for heading SM projects for their customers had disagreeing ideas about the strategy’s philosophy.

Luckily, the meaning has since been refined. The discipline is currently recognized to make reference to pointing campaigns to particular sections of consumers and thereby, creating a more enjoyable in-store experience. And this is where digital signage is performing a key role.

Delivering A More Engaging In-Store Experience

Digital signage has proved to be a valuable tool for making a superior shopping experience for clients. But this may only occur if the store manager understands why buyers have been to the shop in the first place

What do customers wish to experience throughout their time invested in your retail venue? What might they like to achieve during their visit? Buying continues to be an emotional encounter; the key item to observe, though, is that various segments of your audience are driven by various sensations.

For instance, a lot of clients stop by to buy products for their households; they want to feel as if they are providing the degree of attention expected of them. Other clients are weary of getting forced to sacrifice preferred amenities because of their restricted costs. For them, enjoying certain recreation at a cost that fits their budgets provides emotional satisfaction.

Consider the aforementioned from the point of view of your digital signage network; your monitors are viewed by various segments of your audience. Each message is pushed by distinct emotional needs. The encounter these customers have while shopping in your retail venue is influenced by the content you send to your monitors.

For instance, suppose a luxury product in your store has been reduced to attract awareness and lift revenue. A digital signage display that “speaks” to the recession-weary consumer – someone who has been forced to cut his or her budget – addresses that individual’s emotional requirements; this is a perfect illustration of effective consumer advertising on your DOOH system

You are targeting customers depending on their purchasing actions, which are driven by root requirements.

May The Outcomes Of Shopper Marketing Be Calculated?

Venue proprietors and network operators are understandably keen on producing results from their DOOH systems. It’s difficult to justify a method if it fails to produce considerable benefits

With shopper marketing, rewards come in several forms; first, there is generally a sales lift, either in individually marketed items or aggregate store sales, or both. This can be easily calculated, and the outcomes can be seen adding to the bottom line.

Second, by addressing your customers’ psychological requirements, their loyalty to your venue can increase. Even though the value of this devotion is challenging to determine, it may perform a critical function in your store’s long-term success.

How important will shopper marketing be in the future of digital signage inside the retail space? It is impossible to say with any conviction. However, advertisers and brand marketers have learned that communicating to their audience’s primary requirements is the most effective way for prompting a reaction.

The above information has been supplied by ConnectedSign, one of the top innovators in the technologies of digital signage, which includes menu boards. Visit their website at at http://www.ConnectedSign.com