Drive-Thru Menu Boards: Digital or Traditional?

When choosing a menu board for a new drive-through, or replacing a board in an old one, the biggest decision you make may be choosing between a digital and a traditional menu board. With that in mind, here are a few things to think about as you consider this investment.

First of all, you want to think about functionality. Which type of menu board is going to give you what you need? If you’re thinking about cycling through different menus throughout the day, week, or month (for example, a separate menu with breakfast items for morning customers, or a different special every day), digital signage makes that dramatically easier. Alternately, if you don’t anticipate changing your menu more than a few times a year, you might prefer a traditional menu board.

Another factor is cost. Though digital signage tends to show a good return on investment if used to its full potential, it’s still going to be more expensive than a traditional menu board up front. Digital signage also requires you to designate employees in charge of upkeep, which can increase costs as well.

Reliability is also significant. While digital signage technology has improved dramatically lately, even just in the past few years, the particular challenges of maintaining digital signage outdoors mean that digital signage simply requires more upkeep than traditional signage. A traditional menu board in your drive-through isn’t going to need tech support like a digital sign might!

Ultimately, if you want to change your menu board layout regularly and have the resources to pay for a digital menu board and keep it in good working condition, that investment can really pay off. However, traditional menu boards are a tried and true medium, and whether you’re on a budget, looking for a static display, or just a traditionalist, traditional menu boards can be a valuable and reliable addition to your drive-through.

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Digital Signage Technology India Surpasses All Traditional Means of Marketing

The changing world is the world of advertising. You need to advertise, no matter whether you are shopkeeper, artist, florist, celebrity or doctor. It is must to spread awareness among target audience; else you are out of competition. Thanks to marketers that have made steady efforts in coming up with different marketing means that could help establish brand awareness and enhance online visibility. Gone are the days, when people use to rely on advertisement copy in magazine, newspaper or printing of brochures, banner and pamphlets. Even the static board concept of advertising has turned obsolete. Today, organizations use digital signage to spread the word and help people know different products and services.

Digital signage technology India has also grown much in demand, because of its effectiveness. It involves the use of remote-controlled distribution and playback of digital content on various networks of displays. The display board may vary with regard to screen size, needs of advertising, etc. you could easily find them across restaurants, hotels, corporate environment and numerous other places. It has turned out to be one of the interactive mediums that assists in corporate messaging, brand building, etc. It fulfils the goal of advertising by promoting a product. It can be taken into advantage by displaying rich messages, targeted on basis of group, location, product type, etc.

Digital signage enjoys more number of advantages over television and other advertising means. This technology can be used, when consumers are in active state of purchase. At the same time, they are quite close to the point of purchase. Consumers have reported it to be useful because of better user experience. It is expected to double the message retention and brand awareness. Users feel happy to get complete information. On other hand, display of message to targeted audience at right time and at right place is what companies look for and thus, is has turned up with win-win opportunity for the growth of business. Even the sales figures are expected to improve with time. Hence, it is useful not only for consumers, but also for businesses. As a proof of play, it can surpass any other medium, as it has a facility of reporting, screen by screen, the number of times an ad was run, the number of consumers who interacted with a given screen and even, the number of people who actually watched the screen.

In order to get these benefits of advertising, companies need to have both hardware and software that work seamlessly with each other. There are digital signage companies that can be contacted for the complete assistance. They design in customized solutions that could cater to the needs of the business and thus, can be used as an efficient and powerful means of marketing.

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How is an electronic display more feasible than the traditional modes?

LED display is very effective, as it is used in a number of places including outdoor message boards, score boards, and indoor displays. This is done, so that better clarity and visibility can be ensured of the message boards and people can take notice of them.

Why is an LED display chosen over normal lightings and displays?

In case of traditional advertising, one can only get to see one part of the advertising. In case of displays backed by LED, the screen keeps changing and is highly dynamic and radiant.

This eliminates boredom of the many advertisement programs that people watch today. The colors and the vivid images are highly interesting and grab eyeballs, thus people will stand to watch them.

Editing is not a problem with these displays. When there is change in the advertising campaign, the displays can be changed easily.

The price of these displays has been lowered than they previously were. Thus, more companies can afford it.

Compared to media, radio or television, this mode of advertising is cheaper and at times more effective.

The advertising does in these displays are quite and does not cause irritation.

Suppliers of these displays are able to have a steady income because of the advancement in the modes of advertisement today.

The promotion of goods and services happen quite widely. This sort of advertising has emerged to be very helpful for businesses today.

Electronic message center is a major communication tool

A state-of-the -art technology has been used behind these electronic message centers, which ensures better communication of the services of a company to the people.

They are a great way of availing extraordinary outreach in to the different aspects of the community.

As people pass the streets, they get to see variable messages, which make it easy for them to know about the products that are launched by the companies.

This ensures the elimination of labor costs and any type of physical liabilities. Thus, expenses allotted to advertising can be reduced considerably.

Any items related to public interest and displaying of public service information can be advertised. Thus, business acquires flexibilities.

Thus, one’s business site gets branded due to this electronic message center. They act as a salesman on the street, but slightly more attractive. They compel people to notice and take interest in the services, as they are so attractive.

There are a few important things one should remember while choosing LED or electronic displays. Their resolution and color combination provided should be taken into consideration. Thus, it is very important to choose t

Thus, it is very important to choose from a range of very good and profitable counters, which has received great customer feedback. Determining whether these displays are required for indoor or outdoor uses in crucial, as prices and features would be different in those cases. The quality of the graphics, video images and messages should be checked to suit one’s business needs.

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How The Traditional Bulletin Board Could Help You Become Sorted Out

The humble company bulletin board for long now has been a fundamental element of office communications. Regardless of technological breakthroughs like phones, faxes, emails and the Internet, nothing has been in a position to replace the importance of bulletin boards. Since the advent of the Net, a bulletin board system has provided the capabilities of a regular bulletin board.

There are different types of bulletin boards available in the market from the fundamental and affordable types that may be just hung in the lunch room or across the typical corridor to fancy and colorful ones that fit the posh reception places and the advanced boardrooms. An uncomplicated bulletin board is manufactured from cork supported with fiberboard and framed in either metal or wood or plastic. These are obtainable in several sizes. Most could even be designed to order to fit particular niches. The other variations of bulletin boards are those made from embossed foam or colored cork and some are non-magnetic and made out of fabric. These types of boards are particularly good for offices and conference rooms where utility along with high quality and style are essential.

Boards with woven fabric go well with any kind of a workplace and are fairly resilient. They look fashionable and can be made to match the dcor of the room employing various shades just like burgundy, gray or blue. Colored cork boards and embossed foam boards are long lasting because they are self healing and fade proof and are quite easy to set up. The magnetic fabric bulletin board is manufactured keeping in mind the style and functionality of receptions, management offices and seminar rooms. These have dual functionalities – the cloth permits the usage of pushpins to stick on the messages and documents while the magnetic surface allows the adhering of paper without damaging the paper in any way.

As the fundamental kind of bulletin board can be a white board made out of ceramic the latest design is the multi-purpose LCD bulletin board. These boards operate on Linux and management software and also support internet facilities. The screen display will also support JPEG, MPEG, MP3, flash and even Full 1080P. The integrated CF card permits adequate information storage. Computers aren’t required to operate this most advanced electronic bulletin board however rather it works through a USB2 device. A slender case, easy set up and automatic switch off with time setting are other specialties of this bulletin board. This most advanced electronic bulletin board adds sophistication and classiness to any conference or meeting.

The computer-based bulletin board system runs on software which utilizes a terminal program to connect logged in users to other bulletin boards and exchange messages, upload or download software and information. This is accomplished through email and public message boards. It operates much the same way as its physical counterpart that can be used to stick messages and data and that is where it has acquired its name from. The bulletin board system also operates as chat rooms and has obtained lots of popularity in recent years. In the beginning, bulletin board systems were run as a pastime by various internet operators and was cost-free. Many bulletin board systems had subscription costs for accessing and these were primarily utilized by the business community to support and understand their customers. There are bulletin board systems online that allow online games, where users could compete with one another. The bulletin board system didn’t take off as much as predicted, but it is still quite well-known among the Taiwanese who continue to utilize it to publish communications.

The bulletin board system further moved on to create internet forums and blogs which are currently a phenomenon among internet users. Regardless of the medium utilized a business bulletin board is vital and is a straightforward way of informing everyone about news, views, opinions and data.

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Traditional Authentic Restaurant Gets a New Look with Digital Menu Board

Authentic Mexican restaurant converted its static menus dynamic marketing displays with a variety of specialties and promotional materials to attract customers, and provides other benefits such as editable menus on the Web, schedulable playlists, scrolling tickers and many other features that provided the flexibility to manage menu item, price and promotions.

Digital Corn recently installed digital menu board for Taqueria de Anda, an authentic Mexican restaurant began in 1980, who grew up in seven most popular places in the South CA. The owner of the restaurant Taqueria e Anda has seen the benefits of digital menu boards and decided to replace its traditional menu cards with dynamic DMB. Although the menu of store itself requires only one screen, an extra set was placed for promotions and other marketing purposes.

These two 42 “digital menu boards powered by SignageNow of Corndigital was installed above the register in front of the open kitchen area control replace traditional restaurant menu card. Thanks to the solution of two Ceres-88 digital media players and an MS-1000 subscription server (supports up 20 players), new digital menus are operational with informative content attract the attention of the client


Since SignageNow management software Web content Corndigital allows companies the flexibility of the implementation of a combination of desired playlist in the day part in a moment, now the restaurant managers can make Update content anywhere with Internet access Digital displays can actually attract the eye balls customers with dynamic multimedia content carefully designed.; create great instant push for sales items. A screen to showcase the restaurant’s menu, and the other displays a variety of content, including specialty, promotional items and even local events such as the next Feliz Aniversario of Bicentenario De Independencia ‘s Day festivals independence celebration.

Not only is the digital menu boards have given the store a clean and neat, it also allows the restaurant to communicate with customers more effectively with the channels of space and limited communication. It is also a powerful vehicle for transmitting daily and weekly promotions to cause customers to return for more bargains. In addition, digital menu boards not only helps restaurant owners to cut savings in printing costs, headaches of maintenance and replacement, but also provides a more efficient and direct communication with our customers day after day.

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Just Published: A Game-Changing Book By Justin Ryan is Set to Disrupt the Digital Signage Industry by Finally Opening the Door for Traditional Sign Businesses

New York, New York (PRWEB) August 13, 2014

Digital Signage Power is a groundbreaking book that is designed with the traditional sign business owner in mind. Digital Signage Power, a new book written by Justin Ryan along with industry leaders and visionaries is already helping transform the way that digital signage is implemented across the world. Unlike other books written about digital signage, Digital Signage Power was written for sign businesses in mind and is a one-stop learning resource that quickly educates readers about the hardware, software, and business benefits of the technology.

Presently, the industry has a very high barrier to entry as newcomers have incredibly few options for education. With the explosive growth demand that the digital signage industry is forecasting, a skilled workforce is crucial to keep up with the demand. “My book addresses this issue so that the sign industry can quickly gain knowledge of and experience digital signage. It is almost as if the entire signage industry has been excluded from the digital signage revolution. The whole purpose for writing the book was to change the way digital signage was seen by a very capable and talented industry,” says Ryan.

About the Author

Justin is a technology industry veteran with more than 18 years’ experience and he is also a Digital Signage Certified Expert. As the designer of a digital signage infrastructure for a global retail banking system in 2008, Justin understands the challenges with digital signage implementations. After learning that the sign industry lacked a high quality learning resource that was vendor independent, he consulted with sign industry experts on writing this book.

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