Amp-Up Sales with a Digital Restaurant Menu

When anyone thinks of a digital restaurant menu, most people envision the catalogue screen of a restaurant chain that sells burgers, pizzas or fried chicken. It is true that most quick supply and fast food restaurants prefer such a display, but there is actually a scientific reason for the same. This move is very well thought out and one that is meant to support the service parameters of a quick service eatery.

Studies have shown that in food chains where the expectation is to feed a high volume of customers in a shorter amount of time, customers themselves prefer selecting the items they need from digital menu boards for restaurants and other fast service outlets. This is also beneficial for the eatery in question for very simple reasons –

1. People come into such an eatery to grab a quick bite. Studies have shown that the average consumer looking for easy cooking options prefers going to chain outlets, small delis, coffee shops and the likes. Consumers tend to expect personal service and attention in fine dining outlets as opposed to ones that offer quick bites.

2. The menu is set therefore there is no question about what is available, what isn’t available, what can be ordered and what cannot be ordered, how it will be prepared etc. The expectations of the menu are very clear, right from the start.

3. Most consumers have pre-conceived notions about their food preferences in a quick bites eateries and digital restaurant menu, and therefore, dedicating a larger part of the workforce towards personalized service will only take away from the financial turnover of the business.

These are the top three reasons as to why a virtual catalogue of the menu is a lot more preferable for this particular kind of business venture. It is extremely easy to grab the attention of the customers who visit your outlet with a dynamic, interactive menu. Not only that, you can use this product to highlight any schemes or offers that your outlet might be running. While the virtual display might not be able to convey all the terms and conditions of service or of the offer in question, it is quite okay to use such a signage for grabbing eyeballs. The main motive is to get the visitors interested and engaged in your products. For this very reason, virtual catalogues are vital in converting digital menu boards for restaurants into customers.

This kind of signage works well even if you are not a dedicated eatery or deli. A hypermarket with a special section for food tasting and purchasing can also make use of such sign boards. This reduces the overall cost that you company incurs as you will not have to dedicate any manpower to the task.

At OpenService, we ensure that your menu board is unique, catchy and visually appealing to all your customers. We take into account all details of your business, including your products and the status of your competitors so that with our signage, you can move a step ahead of them in the game.

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Prime Burger – Digital Menu Boards Increase Sales by Nearly 50% Case Study

Prime Burger is a gourmet food to go restaurant chain which has outlets in St Pancras International Station, Euston Railway Station and ExCel London international conference centre.

Eclipse Digital Media constructed a Digital Menu Board solution for Prime Burger consisting of Samsung Smart Signage Platform displays and cloud based digital signage software, embed signage.

This Digital Signage solution provided a positive impact on the business not only from a brand and visual perspective but also their bottom line, where Prime Burger have seen a sales increase of nearly 50%.

Read the full case study and download the PDF:

More information about those involved:

Prime Burger:

Eclipse Digital Media:

Samsung Smart Signage Platform:

embed signage:
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Digital Signage Made Simple for Retailers: How to Increase Sales, Build Your Brand, and Keep Your Customers Informed and Entertained

Digital Signage Made Simple for Retailers: How to Increase Sales, Build Your Brand, and Keep Your Customers Informed and Entertained

Digital Signage Made Simple for Retailers: How to Increase Sales, Build Your Brand, and Keep Your Customers Informed and Entertained

The Complete “How-to” Book for Retailers Seeking to Incorporate Digital Signage to Increase Sales, Build Your Brand, and Keep Your Customers Informed and Entertained

Gain the knowledge of this new and exciting digital technology to grow any retail business. All elements of digital signage are covered in simple terms, including displays, signage players, software, content, installation, and management of your signage network. Learn how to find competent installers, content developers

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London risotto ball chain sees 30% sales lift with digital menu boards

London risotto ball chain sees 30% sales lift with digital menu boards
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Boost Your Sales by Sending Out a Marketing Message

We are now living in a world of high technology where everything seemed to have been made possible or easier by modern gadgets and devices. Communication, as an essential component of the society, has been the primary target of innovation and modernization. Marketing, on the other hand, has also benefited from these innovations since it allows companies to reach more of their target clients faster by simply sending a marketing message, for example.

Nowadays, the best way to introduce a new product or service to your target clients is by simply sending them information about them right in their mobile phones. This way the customers will feel like the advertisement is more personalized. Also, when companies send marketing messages to their clients, they will be able to directly address the needs of their target market and they open a door for instant feedback.

The first thing to do when you are planning to market your products and services through short message service or SMS is to obtain the mobile phone numbers of your clients. It is easier to obtain the contact numbers of existing clients since you will probably have a record of their details when they first availed of your products or services. In order to get a hold of contact numbers of more possible clients, try to come up with a referral program so that your existing clients could help you by giving you the contact numbers of their friends and family members who might also be interested in your offerings.

After you have enough mobile phone numbers in you database, it is time to compose the perfect marketing message. Remember that it has to be as concise as possible but must cover all the important details that the recipients need to know about the products or service that you are marketing. Keep in mind the 160-character limit and keep your message within that limit as much as possible.

Since you are expected to send messages to many people, it is advisable to use the services of a website that offers free text message sending to any mobile phone. Using such website will save you hundreds of dollars in your company phone bill and you can be sure that your messages will be received. Just do a quick online search of the sites that offer free SMS sending and sign up for free and you will be ready to tell your clients about your exciting new offer. Depending on the website, there may or may not be a limit as to how many characters your message should have, but it is wise to stay within the standard limit of 160 characters including punctuation marks and spaces.

If you want to boost your company’s sales this month, give marketing messages a try. All you’ll need is a computer and a strong and fast Internet connection for you to be able to make your new offerings known to more people. Go ahead and send that marketing message today and watch your sales go up!

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Is Your Sales Message Sending the Wrong Message?

“I will sell you anything.” Have you ever read that in the first couple of sentences of the receipt of an e-mail to a direct mail piece What were your thoughts? Maybe something like mine? “Of course, Right, another sales pitch in disguise.”

When is sales professionals will learn that potential clients to qualified potential customers can generally feel “something rotten in the state of Denmark” (Shakespeare) and strike the deletion or file circular in a snap? With all the help of Internet marketing and copy respected experts, why sales professionals to small business owners continue to engage in product based or poor based marketing education is . really beyond my gray matter

Today I just got a message from someone who wrote the following:

“How do you do? I know you probably get tons of offers on how to make money online. I do not sell you anything.

However, I have some useful information that can help you start a new business or improve your existing one. Whether you’re a pro or a novice season online, these free tools are sure to help you increase your online sales up to 300%.

Here are my areas of expertise:

InternetEnregistrement marketing of domainesSearch Engine MarketingNouveau starting a entrepriseConsultant in ligneEt much … “

First, contrary to what the person wrote, yes he or she sell me something because areas of expertise have been listed. Why the zone list if you do not try to sell me something.

Second, there many free online tools and to be honest a 300% increase is really not much given so with websites with online sales need a few strategies to improve conversion.

Third and most important, this individual is the idea of ​​the sale. In using a negative word whose brains do not know to understand the importance of relationships, all email did was confirm his sales skills necessary improvements Sales Coaching Tip. When the brain hears “” I do not sell “what the brain processes is the brain ignores the word” no. ”

“I sell you.”

Unfortunately, with all the hype on the Internet from marketing that can generate you bundles of money in less than 24 hours in those that may increase SEO rankings even if their websites have a Google Page rank 0-2, there are still many people who seek quick fix or what I call the magic blue rock. People like him who sent me email noted early prey on those who are misinformed.

Folk sale are also prey to this type of marketing as they want to increase sales. However, the only way to create sustainable growth is through lasting relationships. For companies still about relationships. As an experienced seller just told me “Make a friend before trying to sell something.”

Chicago Sales Coach Leanne Hoagland Smith helps with selling skills development management.

U.S. Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Ecosystem Market: Digital Signage, Kiosks, Drive Through Terminals, Point of Sales, Handheld devices, Digital Menu Cards

Albany, New York (PRWEB) August 25, 2014

According to a new market report published by Transparency Market Research “U.S. Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Ecosystem Market (Digital Signage, Kiosks, Drive through terminals, Point of Sales, Handheld devices, Digital menu cards) – Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2013 – 2019” the QSR ecosystem market in the U.S. was valued at USD 3,506.9 million in 2012. The market, on the basis of components, is segmented into hardware, software and services, with hardware and software solutions further segmented into various sub-segments. Within hardware components, digital signage was the largest contributor and accounted for 45.6% of the overall hardware segment revenue in 2012. However, kiosk is expected to be the fastest growing segment during the forecast period, growing at a CAGR of 12.3% from 2013 to 2019. This is mainly due to increasing demand for self service options. Within the software segment, billing and management solutions held the largest share in 2012 and is expected to be fastest growing segment owing to increasing demand for customized software tailored to specific needs of the restaurateurs.

Browse the full U.S. Quick Service Restaurant Ecosystem Market report:

QSRs are primarily known for their dynamic setting where orders are taken promptly, payment is made and food is handed over to customers in a short time. The payment mechanism is rapidly changing with the growth of restaurants designed on fast service models. Almost all significant digital changes in quick service restaurants are primarily driven by the growing need of clarity, speed, and accuracy in transactions.

Digital signage held the largest share of QSR ecosystem market. While some QSRs adopted for digital signage to keep customers occupied during rush, others use them to display menus. Over the past few years, the points of sale (PoS) devices have become more compact and efficient. With technological advances, new range of battery powered PoS devices offer wireless access to communication network for payment processing. On the other hand, many customers are interested in self service aspect of QSR. Self service kiosks are expected to grow at faster rate compared to POS devices over the forecast period as they improve accuracy, shorten perceived wait time and allow efficient workforce management.

Browse Full Quick Service Restaurant Ecosystem Market Press Release:

The U.S QSR ecosystem market contain numerous players. Major industry participants include Keywest Technology Inc., Nanonation, Inc. NEC Display Solutions Ltd., Cisco System Inc., Hewlett-Packard Company, Omnivex Corporation, Panasonic Corporation, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., LG Display Co. Ltd., and REDYREF Inc. among others.

The report studies the U.S. QSR ecosystem market, and provides estimates and forecast in terms of revenue (USD Million) for the period 2012 to 2019. Market estimates are provided on the basis of component types. The market has been segmented as follows:

U.S. QSR Ecosystem Market, by Component

Signage systems
Drive through terminals
Point of sales (POS)
Handheld devices
Digital menu cards
Billing solutions and management solutions
Analytics software solutions (bid data analytics)

Get report sample PDF copy from here:

Old Sales Message is Now a New Sales Message

Xerox Corporation is one of the most widely recognized brands in the world. Most of us tend to use the generic term “xerox” both as a noun and a verb when speaking of the copy or duplicating process. We say “please xerox that and send it to me.” The generic use of their name is as prolific as Kleenex and Band-Aids.

Xerox as a company grew at an extraordinary pace in the 60’s and 70’s. They devised and deployed a remarkable sales training school that would later as the model for every professional sales training program that would follow. It was state of the art. I actually participated in a derivative of this infamous program in the early 80’s. It was quite comprehensive and challenging. Their model was based upon their sales successes and expectations from their productive sales force.

Joe Wilson, the CEO of Xerox in 1960, starred in an early company video that was shown to all new employees as part of their orientation program. His message conveys truths that transcend time and speak to us today as well. He was a cheerleader for embracing change and fostering personal growth. To paraphrase, he demanded consistent outward development of one’s comfort zone if an employee intended upon remaining a Xerox employee.

You will notice that Mr. Wilson carefully chose words and phrases such as imagination, creativity, new ideas and change is a way of life. He advised against “same old way” thinking. These are words and principles that we can still learn from. Their original and intended meanings remain to this day. His ideas were ahead of his time and quite “sticky” to say the least. He obviously was on to something big.

If we are to achieve different and enhanced results from our current sales efforts, we cannot be doing the same old activities that did not work for us last year. They will not work for us this year either. Doing the same old things in the same old way yet expecting different results has been described as insanity! How many of us get stuck in the rut of activity, thinking very little of methods to actually advance? Perhaps a review of our goals and a revised strategy are in order.

Embrace change. Learn new skills. Get uncomfortable. What will you do differently this year to get the results you desire? What is holding you back? Have you begun yet ?

Daniel Sitter, author of both Learning For Profit and Superior Selling Skills Mastery, has garnered extensive experience in sales, training, marketing and personal development over a successful twenty-five year sales career.
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