People Looking at Wall of Honor

People Looking at Wall of Honor

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And there it is. Here is a better view of it, but this picture shows some people standing around looking at it. The signage will be updated and changed every month with new pictures and information. Should be there for years to come. Proud to have been a part of this project to give back to my own community at Msft.

Wall of Honor Covered for Event

Wall of Honor Covered for Event

Image by camknows
Since October, I’ve been involved in a project at work for creating a Wall of Honor at Microsoft for Veterans Day. Creating these video displays seems to be a standard thing these days as more and more companies, councils, and museums are adding them. A small group within my building works on digital signage and I got to help build the PC systems used to make the displays.

Electronic school signs: Electronic wall for schools

Schools like other businesses need to be highlighted. And there are justified reasons for these educational institutions using LED boards to get highlighted. They need attention to alert drivers about their presence. Also they need attention to welcome parents and children.

Electronic school signs use LED lights. They are made with lights but they consume little electricity. What is more important about these lights is they can be changed. A user can change the writing on the LED wall using Wi-Fi, fiber optic or Ethernet cable. There would be no hassle in changing the writing on the board. The service provider would make sure that the user faces no problem.

How much would an LED board cost? It depends upon the size and functionality of the unit. And design also plays a crucial role in determining price of a unit. A poorly designed unit might be cheap but it won’t be helpful in the long run. The signboard should be visible from a distance and one should be able to read everything written on the board even in dull light.

There is a reason behind using LED walls. This unit remains functional in all conditions. It is able to withstand rough weather conditions for long time. Whether it is day or night, it keeps working. And since it can be customized to suit individual needs, one can get the light that suits to its needs perfectly.

A school is a business and like other businesses it would also want to get decorated with matching accessories. Signboard is an accessory. It is way to show name, brand and address. Also it is a way to communicate with people. Electronic school signs provide a unique way to communicate with parents and children.

An education institution that is going to host a great function could convey the message to all with the help of its LED signboard. Similarly schools can find uses of electronic school signs. Since the writings on the LED wall could be changed in a hassle free manner, institutions can start communicating with people from their signboards.

Electronic school signs have changed the way, schools used to further their business interests. These signboards have replaced the regular notice boards that people used to visit to know more about schools. Now schools can take care of their marketing and communication with the help of LED walls. They can write anything and rewrite sentences on LED board in a hassle free manner.

Eloise Claire provides best electronic school signs to businesses. The signs are used to prevent staff and clients from hazards. It is mandatory for businesses to install signage to keep people away from high risk zones.

Turmoil on Wall Street means confusion in S.F. Financial District

Turmoil on Wall Street means confusion in S.F. Financial District
At the Fidelity brokerage house, the man behind the counter said he couldn't say why the huge electronic sign over his head was displaying such wild swings. “Who knows?” he said. Under the brokerage's rules, he was forbidden from giving his name even …
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County track meet is coming to CHS
MESSAGE BOARD — Speaking of the high school, Notar also said an electronic sign will be erected soon on Mill Street. Money for the sign will come from cash the school earned from back-to-back outstanding finishes in the Celebrate My Drive contest, …
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Distance Learning Consortium will restore dual-credit classes
The uproar over dual-credit courses for local high school students turned to praise at Thursday night's Wethersfield School Board meeting. Area school superintendents have been at odds with Black Hawk College administrators in recent weeks over raising …
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Santander Bank installs multi-screen Video Wall Signage Solution

(PRWEB) April 09, 2015

Established in Chile since 1978, now with over 250 branches throughout the country, Bank of Santander is a leading financial institution, by virtue of its market share and its capital strength and profitability.


Constantly trying to position itself as a major player in the Chilean banking industry as a leading bank in Latin America, Bank of Santander strives to be recognized as a quality and efficient service provider to effectively meet the requirements of the shareholders, customers, employees and the society as a whole.


Given this situation, the need for a solution at its headquarters that allows flexible and dynamic monitoring of all the daily transactions occurring in all the branches of the country, is even more evident. Bank of Santander Chile identified the specific need to innovate and optimize its monitoring room by installing a Video Wall solution, for visualizing the Bank’s flow of activity in a holistic and comprehensive manner throughout the country.


Wavetec developed a customized video wall signage solution at Bank’s central monitoring room which comprised of a 16 professional high-definition displays ready to operate 24/7. The video wall is connected to a video processor that can connect up to 32 video inputs at once. Due to the installed Video Wall, it is possible for banks management to proactively monitor activities at various branches for appropriate decision-making and service optimization.


Moreover, it prioritizes and focuses on certain information depending on the day or month, interspersing the order and/or the grouping of the displays. The Video Wall can screen some of the following variables: payment and transfers status, payrolls, server status throughout Chile, ATMs, system errors, Redbank status, etc.


Santander is truly committed to innovation. Previously, the bank had an outdated and rigid monitoring system, which was a limiting factor for monitoring what was needed; thus, it was decided to step forward and install Wavetec’s Video Wall solution for a more focused, flexible and adjustable monitoring in order to meet the specific and emergent requests, prioritizing the priority of the moment.


Wavetec is a leading global company in the domain of LED Display Solutions for financial markets. This can be seen in the successful LED display installations and system integrations in over 23 stock exchanges such as Barcelona, Chile, Peru, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Dubai, Nigeria and Kenya, among others. Possessing expertise and technology, Wavetec stands at the forefront of digital signage for a wide range of industries such as banking, retail, mining, etc.


For more information visit:


Sunrise Digital Now Offers Unique Direct Print Aluminum Wall Art

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) September 26, 2014

Today’s consumer is always looking for that next exciting trend. While stretched canvas prints will always be a classic, aluminum DiBond pieces are a chic, modern solution for art display Sunrise applies 6-color UV direct-printing plus opaque white ink directly to brushed aluminum DiBond panels, no gluing or lamination necessary. Rounded corners are added to keep the entire piece smooth to the touch. The printing on aluminum results in a unique, eye-catching piece.

These graphics have a modern, contemporary look that lends itself to match the decor of an office, home, or art gallery. Stand-off mounting hardware continues the minimalist, modern trend by making the mounting a tasteful part of the finished piece. Mounting hardware is available in different finishes and sizes for a truly personalized piece. The combination of the brushed aluminum finish DiBond material and stand-off mounting provide for the ultimate in durability. Finishing off the look is the simulated Hasselblad film border design. Contact Sunrise Digital for details and a custom quote.

About Sunrise Digital

Sunrise Digital is an Inc. 5000 company established in 1988 and employs the most advanced equipment and technology, such as G7-certified HP Indigo and UV flatbed presses, laser engraving, and digital die-cutting, to create best-in-class color printing, short-run packaging, P.O.P. retail displays, and signage products. A privately-owned enterprise, the company is based in Chicago and sells products worldwide.