Send Your Spouse a Cheating Message – Without Getting Children Involved

Lives can be torn apart when a spouse cheats. If the two of you share children together, then you should realize that their lives are the most important. When you find out that your spouse has been cheating on you, you should not get the children involved in this matter. One of the worst mistakes people make is to throw their children in the middle of the discussion. This can really have an effect on the children and could cause their grades to drop down. You may see a whole different attitude come from them. In many cases, they will start to point fingers and ‘hate’ the one who cheated. So, how do you send your spouse a cheating message without those children getting involved in it.

Do you think there is something you would be able to do in order to get your spouse to come to you and confess that he or she has been cheating? If this is true, then you may want to think twice about this one. There are so many cheaters out there and they hardly ever “willingly” confess to their spouse. You may need to move on to the next paragraph, because you could be waiting forever for that confession statement from your spouse.

What you need to do is figure out a way that you can confess him or her. Whatever you do, you should make sure you confess them in a quiet method. You may want to schedule your children to stay with someone you trust for the night, so that you can do this in private. When you step up to your spouse with this statement, they may get really angry.

Why are they hiding this affair from you when you already know it is true and have the truth? Is it because they care about your feelings? Well, they shouldn’t have cheated in the first place if they really care about you. At this point, feel free to ask your spouse anything you need to know.

You see, when it comes to how to send a spouse a cheating message, it is not that hard to do. We know, it’s going to take some nerve to stand up to them.

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Communication 102 ? Getting the Message Across

Ralph Waldo Emerson said:.. “Who are you talking so loudly I can not hear what you say” The man was right The words we use matter, we convey the message that begins and ends with what is in the heart. When it comes to communication, the heart will always prevail on the brain.

With this in mind, it becomes clear that even before we begin to formulate a message mentally, care and attention should be paid to the motivation of communication and fun feelings to the recipient of this message.

This is particularly important when trying to . The seller sell something must question the underlying motivation of the sale The question must be asked. “Is what I want to make that sale to earn a commission or is my basic pattern to be useful to the person who buys my product? ”

The same reasoning must be used at any time that we try to influence someone else. The question then becomes: “Who will benefit from this message? I’m looking after my own interests I or am I trying to help the person I’m talking about? “Better yet,” How can we both benefit from what I am about to propose? ”

The ideal ground for this type of communication is where a win-win situation is required. Most people are mature enough to understand that a mutually beneficial proposal is generally better than the status quo.

Once this preparatory phase of a communication is the second step would be to explore and find the best possible way that the object of the message can be easily understood by the listener. Just because we understand the purpose of our message, it does not mean that our auditor find it easy to understand what we mean.

Before a concept can be understood, it must be supported by references. These references are known a priori. A priori is a reference obtained from past experiences that can be used as a basis for understanding a concept that is new to the person. For example, if we wanted to explain what a tree was a person who has never seen one, you could say it was like a giant plant. Now, if this person had seen a plant before it would be easy enough to understand what looks like a tree. In this case, the plant would a priori.

As we have said before, the words are meaningless if the beneficiary of these words to understand what we are talking about. It seems that this is obvious. Unfortunately, it is not. Most of us can recall an incident where our accountant trying to explain something to us. Not being very familiar with words like, share interests, and value or more compounds, the message of the accountant was questionable. In other words, it was useless unless care was taken to see if we understood the meaning of these technical terms.

It is said that the value of communication is determined by the response it receives. There is no other obvious way to judge the quality of our communications. However, if it is kept in mind that it is almost impossible to convey a message perfectly, chances are that we will take the necessary steps to be close to perfection as possible.

Finally, you should never assume that we understand. Questions should be asked to verify if the received message is pretty close to the message conveyed. Otherwise, another explanation is needed. In other words, if we want to be understood.

As a reminder, the heart speaks louder than the brain. Others do not share are wealth of experience will therefore interpret the words, concepts and ideas differently. And finally, never assume; ask.

Dr. Raymond Comeau aka Shamou administrator is the owner of Personal Development for Personal Success Forums.

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