interactive touchscreen electronic digital building directories for corporate buildings offices (2)Property and facilities managers often struggle to keep their traditional building directories up to date and attractive. Needless to say that failure to do so, will leave your visitors confused and frustrated.
Our Electronic Building Directory Solutions helps to solve this dilemma by transforming your mundane list of names and locations to a colorful, dynamic, and interactive graphical presentation.

Electronic Building Directory Solutions

Interactive Touch Screen Building Directory Systems

Digital Touch Screen Building Directory Signage

Digital Building Directories

Join the digital advertising Revolution with Digital Signage Solutions !

Join the digital advertising Revolution with Digital Signage Solutions !

Join the digital advertising Revolution with Digital Signage Solutions !

Join our sub dealer program and make MONEY, but as well as RESIDUAL MONEY !!

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WAND Unveils Economic Outdoor Digital Menu Board Solutions for QSRs

WAND Unveils Economic Outdoor Digital Menu Board Solutions for QSRs
Global restaurant technology company WAND Corporation has unveiled it's new, high-powered, economic outdoor digital menu board solutions for limited service restaurants. The new solutions are developed specifically to help QSRs increase speed, order …
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Mainstreet, SignStix partnering for retail digital signage experiences
Applications include digital signage and interactive displays, digital menu boards, ultra-high-definition video walls, digital-out-of-home advertising, wayfinding and corporate communication. Mainstreet National Account Manager Keith Highlen said: …
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Safeway replacing Albertsons in Altamonte Springs
"When complete, our new Safeway locations will have contemporary décor packages, new digital signs and menu boards, a natural/organic zone and living well products," said Albertsons Cos. Houston division president Sidney Hopper in a statement.
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Elo Touch Solutions 3201L 32-inch Interactive Digital Signage Display (IDS) (E415988) –

Elo Touch Solutions 3201L 32-inch Interactive Digital Signage Display (IDS) (E415988) –

Elo Touch Solutions 3201L 32-inch Interactive Digital Signage Display (IDS) (E415988) -

  • Hdcp_Supported – Yes
  • Horizontal_Viewing_Angle – 178
  • Vertical_Viewing_Angle – 178
  • Scan_Format – 1080p

Elo Touch Systems 3201L 32-inch Interactive Digital Signage Display (IDS) E415988 Digital Signage Systems

List Price: $ 1,790.00


NEC Display Solutions Europe: 98-Zoll-E-Signage-Display mit 4k-Auflösung

NEC Display Solutions Europe: 98-Zoll-E-Signage-Display mit 4k-Auflösung
Eine Bildschirmdiagonale von 98 Zoll hat NECs Digital-Signage-Monitor X981UHD. Dank 4k-Auflösung (3840 x 2160 Pixel), dem Vierfachen von Full-HD, und einer Bildwiederholrate von 60 Hz eignet sich das Display für anspruchsvolle Anwendungen im …
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YouSendIt Launches New Apps for iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac
based company launched its e-signage feature (pictured) in July. With it, users simply employ a finger to write their names in script on the screen to sign off on documents online, including legal types, such as contracts and non-disclosure agreements.
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Fashion outlets adopt fun gimmicks to lure shoppers
Sharp's "e-Signage" package comprises screen displays upon which text contents can be changed at will. "The market is growing steadily, said Hitoshi Takamori of Sharp. "The fashion industry, whose focus is on the visual image, is extremely promising.".
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AvaLAN Wireless Celebrates IoT Day with Remote Solar Power Solutions

Madison, AL (PRWEB) April 09, 2015

AvaLAN Wireless, leaders in secure, fail-proof wireless connectivity, today announced the availability of their new remote solar power kits. These Remote Power Kits are designed for applications where power is needed but unavailable.

“The AvaLAN Wireless Remote Power Kits are a great way to power and connect our long range wireless solutions,” said Matt Nelson, CEO of AvaLAN Wireless.

The solar panel kits are complete systems that include the electronics and solar panels and mounting accessories. The Powder Coated Aluminum NEMA 4X-IP65 rated, lockable enclosure has space inside for batteries, cables and controls, and plenty of extra space for electronic equipment.

Electronic equipment inside enclosures includes a DIN rail with breakers, terminal blocks (for easy termination of cables & power/output accessories), cables, and an advanced or MPPT charge controller to protect against overcharging or over discharging batteries.

Features include:

Turnkey power solution – simply mount to pole and connect battery
24 hours of continuous power and 7 days of stored backup power
Weatherproof, UV Resistant powder coated aluminum and steel enclosures
Remote power series
Pole and wall mounts
Overcharge/discharge control

AvaLAN is offering three kits – the AWSK300W, AWSK600W and AWSK900W. For pricing information, please see our website for more information. AvaLAN Wireless remote solar power kits are available at http://www.avalanwireless.com.

About AvaLAN Wireless

AvaLAN Wireless provides high reliability wireless connectivity solutions. AvaLAN’s products solve difficult wireless challenges for installations that require extreme range, superior reliability with uncompromising data security. AvaLAN is a trusted industrial supplier of robust and reliable solutions for the video surveillance, smart-grid, digital signage, access control and industrial automation markets. Specializing in the unlicensed 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz radio bands, AvaLAN offers a family of wireless products with the ideal combination of range, security and reliability. AvaLAN Wireless is quality certified [ISO 9001] and has been in business for over ten years. http://www.avalanwireless.com.

Simple Solutions for Digital Signage

Digital signage is a burgeoning media. Since the advent of the flat panel TV its growth has been quite dramatic and is found in all manner of places: shopping malls, retail parks, pharmacies, petrol/gas stations, doctor’s waiting rooms, and even outside as outdoor digital signage.

There are a wide variety of solutions available for digital signage, or digital out of home (Dooh) to give it its other official moniker, and these can vary in both cost and complexity.

When it comes to looking for a simpler solution, for people who, perhaps, just want to try the media out, or are just looking for an inexpensive solution, it can be difficult to eliminate the complexities. Yet, there are some simple and inexpensive solutions out there — it’s all about knowing what to look out for.

The components of Digital Signage

There are essentially just two components to any digital signage system:

The screen
A media player or other system for storing and uploading content

So for a simple digital signage solution all that is really required is an LCD screen and small device to load up the content. There does, however, need to be some sort of protection for most digital signage displays as they are vulnerable to impacts and are prime targets for vandalism and potential theft, if a media player is used it will need to be housed with the screen so some sort of LCD enclosure will be required.

Simple Solutions

A digital poster is a turnkey solution that just encompasses the basic. The screen and media player are all contained in the poster, which has enough protection to ensure it can operate in an indoor environment.  Digital posters are a simple solution but they are limited as to where they can go. If you wish to embark on outdoor digital signage then added protection will be required.

Outdoor Digital Signage

Outdoor LCD enclosures offer a simple solution for outdoor digital signage. A standard commercial grade screen, along with a media player (or compact PC) can be housed in the LCD enclosure which will protect everything inside from the weather elements and offer a good physical barrier against impacts and vandalism.

Richard N Williams is a technical author and a specialist in the digital signage industry helping to develop outdoor digital signage and protection for plasmas. Please visit us for more information about LCD Enclosures or other digital signage solutions.

Microspace Communications Partners with Wegener for Live-Video Digital Signage Solutions

Raleigh NC (PRWEB) December 9, 2014

Microspace Communications Corporation, a leader in the multicast network and digital satellite broadcasting services, has announced a partnership with Wegener to improve its signage solution digital enterprise level. Part of speed ® offer – which includes the delivery of economic and reliable video in several places, more quickly and easily than terrestrial solutions – the new partnership uses Wegener iPump signaling technology to combine live video functionality a fully zoned and centrally managed signaling platform.

The use of digital video is increasing, companies are realizing the value and versatility of digital signage services. Wegener and Microspace have joined forces to offer a solution that is truly unique in the industry – supporting the integration of live video programming in a retail digital signage network. This digital signage solution provides the flexibility to target specific audiences with dynamic content in a cost effective and scalable way, but retains the ability to stream content live scattered across large networks. The partnership with Microspace Wegener position their offer of SPEED as a forerunner industry regarding network security, connectivity and scalability.

“We are very excited about the possibilities that Microspace, our long standing partner, is expanding their businesses using Wegener products,” stated Troy Woodbury, President and CEO of Wegener Corporation. “We learned from our success internationally that the effectiveness of satellite technology if DVB broadcast or IP multicast, has no equal when distributing media to large signage networks. Add to that Wegener’s ability to manage these large networks and you have a powerful tool for direct communication concentrate “.

The partnership eliminates geographical barriers and has seemingly limitless opportunities for customers to share and streamline the digital information across multiple sites. The partnership enables customers to Wegener VELOCITY® to provide HD quality content, such as live video streams, satellite (as opposed to an Internet streaming digital signage solution that offers a much lower quality).

“Microspace and Wegener provided advanced satellite solutions together for over 25 years in business applications such as music and syndicated radio distribution. The movement of the joint in digital signage fills a gap in the industry to provide a live HD display solution that retains the ability to insert and control advertising on both a national and local level, “said Curt Tilly, Director, Enterprise Media at Microspace.

Recognized as the next level of technology, digital signage is becoming a key component of the company’s content distribution network. Having the right provider of digital signage services – one that offers reliability, high availability, and cost required to stay competitive -. Will be critical because the increase in continuous digital display

The new partnership announced between Microspace and Wegener is yet another example of strategic partnerships and affiliations Microspace strives to establish to help define, customize and build a superior network for customers. Microspace also maintains strategic partnerships with many other organizations in the digital signage market.


Founded in 1988, Microspace Communications Corporation is a pioneer in innovative broadband solutions for emerging enterprise applications, including digital signage, digital cinema, multimedia entertainment, corporate communications, broadcasting, wireless messaging and private networks established data. Fortune 500 organizations and small businesses rely on both Microspace to deliver their critical business video, audio and data. A founding member of the Digital Signage Association, Microspace is a wholly private property of Capitol Broadcasting Company, Inc. and is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. To learn more about Microspace, visit their website at http://www.microspace.com .

ABOUT Wegener

® ​​Wegener (Wegener Communications, Inc.), a wholly owned subsidiary of Wegener Corporation (OTC Pink: WGNR), is a global provider of audio solutions for broadcast television, radio, and private video cable networks and digital. With over 30 years experience in optimizing point to multipoint multimedia distribution satellite, fiber and IP networks, WEGENER offers a comprehensive product line that handles the planning, rich media management and delivery to multiple devices.

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