Digital Signage: Serving Up Success with Dynamic Digital Menu Boards

Successful restaurateurs know an important ingredient in marketing their establishment is whetting the appetites of possible patrons with the sights, sounds and aromas they can expect to experience inside their restaurant.

But how can they convey even a taste of what lies behind the doors and entice potential diners inside? Traditionally, many restaurants will post their menu in some sort of glassed frame beside the door. But honestly, how effective is that?

Poorly lit signs are tough to read, and besides, selecting a restaurant is as much an emotional experience as it is an intellectual one. Relying on a printed menu to convey the substance of the restaurant’s fare puts an undue amount of faith in the ability of those reading the menu to connect the written word -say, Chicken Cordon Bleu- to a past memory of a personal experience with the dish, and under the best circumstances conjure up a pleasant memory of a satisfied palate. That’s asking a lot of a few, dimly lit, words that are likely printed in a cursive font that’s difficult to read even under good circumstances.

Why not set aside that tradition and consider a more effective approach? Why put digital signage tools to work to convey a glimpse of the cuisine on the menu? Even if there is no such thing as “smellovision” -negating using the digital sign to convey the aromas of the kitchen, watching video of steaks searing on a fiery grill or a chef assembling a delicate French pastry is far more powerful in winning customers than simply the printed page of a menu.

In these applications, digital signage becomes a dynamic digital menu board, not only capable of presenting text to convey the menu, but also a video display offering potential patrons a preview of what lies beyond the door. Just as a digital sign in other applications can be divided into zones to playback video and scroll text, dynamic digital menu boards can be divided into sections devoted to text to display menu lineups, video playback of food preparation, brand graphics and even scrolling text to promote special offers.

But that just scratches the surface of the true power of dynamic digital menu boards. Like other digital signs, these digital menu boards are easy to update, based on the time of day. Thus, breakfast displays give way to the lunch menu as the morning passes, which in turn is replaced with the dinner menu. Along the same lines, digital menu boards make it easy for restaurant managers to change the menu to promote the specials for the day.

Dynamic digital menu boards also offer another powerful tool: a newfound ability to direct customers towards higher margin items. Before a waiter or waitress ever greets a patron at the table and begins reciting the day’s specials, digital menu boards have the ability to influence those patrons to begin thinking about specific menu items -i.e. those promoted with video- on the digital menu board. With the seed of a menu selection planted, the waiter or waitress can fill in the details and help the patron decide.

Another major advantage of dynamic digital menu boards is their ability to be controlled and monitored from a central location. While this many not be much of an advantage for a mom-and-pop operation, chain and franchise operations with hundreds or even thousands of individual restaurants can ensure consistency in their on-premise messaging and remotely monitor playback for quality control. They can even customize it to take advantage of local or regional opportunities.

Whether it’s enticing patrons to choose to eat at a particular restaurant, dayparting messaging to reflect the appropriate meal of the day, promoting higher margin menu items or ensuring consistency of messaging around the country from a central location, dynamic digital menu boards offer significant advantages to restaurant managers over traditionally displayed menus. Perhaps now is the time to put those advantages to work at your restaurant before the establishment down the block does.

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Telephone Message On Hold A Sure Way To Success

Are you looking out for some techniques by which you could get please your callers? Telephone message on hold service is certainly one of the latest techniques for promoting your organization. This can be an extremely beneficial technique by which you may avail a lot of business advantages once you set up this feature into your company telephone calls. A few of the plus points of availing this facility are described here. Just have a look at them after which you may figure out whether or not you must choose the message on hold services to promote your organization.

1. Make your clients happy.

The most basic as well as crucial principle in every business is to satisfy your clients by means of your services. Make a great impact on the clients by just using telephone message on hold. It’s really vital that the clients have a very decent impression of you right after holding up the phone call. Furthermore your clients wont mind contacting you frequently simply because they won’t find it boring even if they are kept on hold for a while. These types of sales messages will entertain them while they wait for you to get back to them.

2. It’s going to serve your dual functions.
Whenever your customers call up for some information or explanation they’ll know a lot more about you as well as your organization with the aid of message on hold services.

3. Make use of your precious business time effectively through the help of telephone message on hold services.

Rather than squandering the moment on hold and allowing it to be wasted you may use it in a much more creative and lucrative way for earning more business. You can easily achieve this with telephone message on hold services.

4. Hang up ups could be costly some times that may not be liked by your clients.

Moreover it could also be exhausting and monotonous. Instead of this if you offer them with great telephone messages on hold, probably your clients can get amused and they may not mind your costly hang ups.

5. Encourage them to contact you once more and thereby you’re able to do far better business and much more sales and profits.
Furthermore they’re going to help other individuals learn about this as well. This will likely attract additional potential clients that are vital for your organization to grow.

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The Success of Businesses with Digital Boards

Are you looking for a perfect way of advertising your business that would just cause you less hassle?  The technology today is continually increasing and it has been developing various kinds of facilities that would help you with your concern.  Take into consideration the usage of digital board because it offers to entice plenty of individuals no matter how old or young they may be.  There are a lot of discounted digital board available in the market these days and you should purchase one for yourself.

Digital boards are very popular among different establishments because it is made with specialized function like presenting advertisement messages in a digital manner where a lot of customers will certainly be attracted to.  The people nowadays are more into the advanced technology so having these boards will provide communication by reaching out to the target group of clienteles.  If you desire to have additional savings, you can get the discounted digital boards available in different stores or you may want to check it over the internet by browsing any digital boards which are offered at very reasonable prices.

Unlike the customary advertisement posters and billboards, discounted digital boards are made out from modern technology where the owner can have access in configuring and customizing the settings anytime they want.  It is very cost-effective since with just one piece of material, you can actually use and present your business in any message you want because the multimedia system is capable of presenting any kind of messages by just clicking some buttons designed to function such.  Furthermore, messages are not the only presentation it does but also some visual images.  You can actually have a discounted digital board that is capable of showing off videos which have very clear color and contrast.  Your target groups of individuals wills surely get attracted by this because a lot of the people nowadays are very much attached to the world’s modernization.

In addition, not only it can advertise your business in a modern way but you can actually express the artistic side of you with the use of discounted digital boards since you can customize whatever message or video you want to convey to your clients according to your preferences.  It is indeed a fact that making use of digital boards will help really entice people from all over the world and will actually bring your business into great success.

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AEG Network LIVE to Broadcast Future Live Concert Events in MAXD HD Based on Success of the Global Citizen Festival

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 16, 2012

AEG Network Live and Max Sound (MAXD) joined forces to distribute the audio broadcast for the 2012 Global Citizen Festival which aired on September 29, 2012 in Central Park, New York City becoming the largest syndication of a live music charity webcast and broadcast in history.

With the audio being broadcast flawlessly in MAXD HD, fans around the globe were able to access a constant stream of live content powered by AEG Digital Media’s Online Broadcasting Center to ensure a flawless viewing and listening experience.

“Anyone who heard the concert event from a live stream was able to close their eyes and think they were at the actual show. We were truly able to take audio streaming to a new level of excellence,“ said John Blaisure CEO of Max Sound Corporation.

MAXD is a the audio processing technology of Max Sound Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: MAXD) the HD Audio Company that is bringing life back to concerts, music, movies, video games, television and mobile devices.

“I am thrilled that AEG Live implemented Max Sound’s HD Audio process for this history making event and I look forward to future events to provide the best sounding output to audiences everywhere,” said John Rubey, President, AEG Network LIVE.


MAXD is to audio what HD (High Definition) is to video. The MAXD™ Audio Process makes everything sound better and can convert any audio file to high definition quality while significantly reducing the file size. Visit us

Max Sound® and MAXD™ are registered trademarks and Patent Pending technologies wholly owned by Max Sound Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

About AEG Network Live

Network LIVE is the industry‘s largest provider of live, digital and 3D entertainment, offering fans unparalleled access to the artists they want—when and how they want it—via broadband, TV, radio, wireless, theatrical and retail. AEG Network LIVE has completed successful tour and album launch campaigns for AEG Live clients including Bon Jovi, Celine Dion, Rod Stewart, Prince, Linkin Park, Garth Brooks, and many others. More information on AEG Network Live can be found at


The Global Citizen Festival was a free concert with the sole purpose to generate global awareness and help put an end extreme poverty. This historic event was a part of the ongoing effort of the Global Citizen Campaign, who’s goal was to bring together the top leading non-profit organizations, musicians and 60,000 change makers to raise awareness for this cause worldwide. Performances included; Neil Young with Crazy Horse, Foo Fighters, Band of Horses and K’Naan. The event was Hosted by Katie Couric, Jeffrey Sachs, Jack Dorsey, Olivia Wilde, Minka Kelly, Sophia Bush, Selena Gomez and Katharine McPhee.

PR Contact for AEG Network LIVE

Axis Entertainment, Inc

Sarah Miller, smiller(at)axis-entertainment(dot)com

Thao Le, thao(at)axis-entertainment(dot)com


Max Sound Corporation

John Blaisure Phone: 888-777-1987

Email: john(at)maxsound(dot)com