7 Ways to Harvest Free Traffic

Using free website traffic tactics can be addictive. Once you start you might never want to pay for advertising again. Try these tips and see for yourself.

Tip #1: Organic Search Engine Rankings. There are only three search engines you need to worry about and those are Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Conquering top search engine rankings in the big three starts with good keyword research. When you know what search terms you want to target, it’s then a matter of tailoring your site to match what the search engines are looking for.

With Google you need lots of original content (that is, large websites) and natural-looking incoming links. With Yahoo its pretty much the same except that you can use reprinted articles, otherwise known as duplicate content, in building your subpages. With MSN you can attain top spots with small mini-sites that simply use the search terms in the domain.

You need incoming links, known as backlinks, to move up in the rankings. Some popular ways to get these include using social bookmarking sites, posting comments and trackbacks on blogs (and other sites) that don’t use “no follow” meta tags, submitting articles to article directories, posting your URL on directory sites, and exchanging links with other sites.

Tip #2: Social Networks such as Myspace. This usually involves making multiple profiles and getting very social on the social network with other users. Automation software is often utilized to make mundane tasks such as sending friend requests, comments, and messages to other users much faster. Myspace allows their database to be sorted by a nice range of demographics, which is very helpful if you need a target list of prospects to promote your product or service to. You can also access members of groups who all have a shared interest in a certain subject.

Tip #3: Free Classified Ad Sites. This is getting to be a very effective free traffic method, but you do need to go about it with some tact and creativity. Craig’s List is the king of free online classifieds, and a properly tailored campaign can harvest hundreds of targeted prospects per day. Software is very handy for managing larger campaigns.

Tip #4: Video Hosting Sites. Anyone can harvest sales leads from video hosting sites these days. You can make a video using a digital camera or free screen recording software on your computer, or a combination of both. This is where the creative types will soar above the crowd.

You Tube is the undisputed king of online video hosting, and a smart marketer can reap thousands of views for his or her video per day from inside You Tube itself. All you need to do is drive people to your page, which can be done by commenting on other videos or other peoples pages, and sending friend requests. Software makes this process much more efficient.

Tip #5: Question and Answer Sites. These are becoming incredibly popular, with Yahoo Answers being the clear leader for the moment. Anyone can ask questions, anyone can answer questions, and as long as you don’t come across as a blatant spammer, dropping your links into both questions and answers is pretty easy. It’s certainly worth your time to market any niche through Yahoo Answers.

Tip #6: Forums. Message board forums exist on the internet for just about every topic imaginable. An advanced Google search using “message board forum” and your topic of interest will probably turn up several places where people discuss your subject. Join these forums, become active and helpful to others, then do subtle marketing through your signature (or even your user name).

Tip #7 Give-aways on auction sites. Auction sites such as ebay are a great opportunity to find customers for your niche. Write a 10-page report that has a few good tips and a great sales pitch for your product, and then give it away for free (or charge something like $ 1 for it). Hype it up with some good sales jargon so it moves well. Capture the emails of those downloading the book and add them to an autoresponder service so you can keep mailing them offers.

These tips are only the beginning of free traffic opportunities on the web. Plenty of marketers make a nice income without spending a dime on advertising. Will you become one of them?

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Ten Ways to Secure Your Office 365 Tenant – Ignite 2015

Do you want to ensure that your data in Office 365 is protected? Then come to this session where we look at ten things to help you further secure the access to the data over and above the security already in Office 365. We demonstrate and discuss features such as data loss prevention (DLP), message encryption , rights management protection (RMS), multi-factor authentication (MFA), client security such as patching and MDM, sharing content internally and externally, network encryption (SSL), AD FS restrictions, and anti-spam settings. But there is more, and we plan to cover that too!

Effective Ways To Use Digital Signs When Advertising

Digital signs are quickly becoming the norm for advertising efficiently and effectively. The rapid growth in this advertising sector can be attributed to their ease of use, engaging and eye catching display, and the lower cost of the screens themselves, allowing businesses to digitally merchandise and reach a far greater number of potential and existing customers than ever before.

Targeting an audience has never been easier. Digital signs allow the change of content on a regular basis, with very little effort or cost. The messages can target a specific group at a certain time of day, allowing for the scheduling of content based on the audience at a specific time. Content can be adapted as necessary to ensure fresh information is available to the public and does not become stale.

Digital advertising is popping up everywhere, no just in businesses, but also inside public transportation. Signs in airports and subways reach a large number of people everyday, thus it is important to ensure that the message is eye catching and constantly changing to ensure fresh content. Using these signs is far more beneficial than paper advertising, and allows users to reach potential customers every day.

Processing and printing times for paper advertising can be time consuming and a constant cost. It can cause draining of an advertising budget before all information can be made available. With digital signs, there is little time needed to get a campaign to the public, and the cost is minimal compared to other methods. This is important no matter the size or budget of the business.

Some digital signs are owned by the business itself, and display an array of information pertaining just to that establishment. Software allows for easy creation of the messages, and is uploaded to the screen as necessary through the use of a USB flash, SD memory card, or on a CD. These are traditionally used as message boards within the business to keep customers up to date on current campaigns and to get important information out in a cost and time effective way.

Companies that purchase and install signs in many different locations rent time and space to advertisers wishing to use their signs. This is especially useful for businesses that do not have their own sign, or are not in a high enough traffic area to make purchasing their own digital sign practical.

Digital signs are versatile, and are used indoors and outdoors. They allow any business to reach their audience no matter where those potential customers are. With good content, eye catching colors and animations, and a regularly changing message, it is easy to engage customers and draw their eye to digital signs.

Digital signs are a versatile and cost effective way to catch the public’s attention, and reach a far greater audience than paper, radio and television advertising. Attracting and captivating potential customers is the purpose of any campaign, and digital merchandising is the easiest way to do so.

Get exclusive inside information on how to use digital signs to advertise your business now in our complete guide to the best digital signs in Los Angeles.

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Three Innovative Ways To Make Your School Bulletin Board More Useful

A school bulletin board is a wide, flat plank, the surface of which is usually covered in cork. School bulletin boards have evolved from mere class room ornaments and dust gatherers, to focal point on campus. They can be seen almost everywhere in class rooms, lecture halls, libraries, laboratories, along hallways, and even in gymnasiums, football fields, basketball courts, and locker rooms. Due to their versatility and multi-functionality, they are fast becoming favorites among teachers and students alike. Listed below are some of the more creative ways to utilize school bulletin boards:

(1)A school bulletin board can be used for posting announcements and reminders. Since its surface is made of cork, it is easy to affix various items such as paper, pamphlets, and flyers onto it. Colored tacks and holders are all that are needed to firmly fasten these items onto school bulletin boards. Students can use them to post varsity try-out schedules, organization meetings, or drama club rehearsal schedules. Teachers can use them to circulate exam schedules, lecture calendars, and other vital school-related information. Such relevant information can be effectively disseminated throughout campus because of the propensity of school bulletin boards to grab attention.

(2)A school bulletin board can be used as a graffiti wall. Sometimes, students need a healthy outlet for their angst and emotions. Instead of continuously berating them for graffiti on walls, doors and other school areas, why not create a school-initiated medium for them? School bulletin boards can be covered with manila paper or card board to afford students a free-hand in writing and drawing. Or, students could be encouraged to post things they would want to share onto these school bulletin boards. This way, a healthy atmosphere of openness is created within the campus. School authorities, however, should be extremely careful and stringent in imposing laws for the implementation of this system. It is not impossible for some students to abuse such liberties granted to them. Thus, close monitoring is advised.

(3)A school bulletin board can be used to display various works of art, poems, and prose. Students can showcase their talents and skills with the help of school bulletin boards. Teachers can encourage them to post such works onto school bulletin boards for everyone to see. This way, budding artists, poems, and writers can get their first experiences in opening their works to the admiration and critique of other. This system will allow students to further enhance and cultivate their talents, skills, and inclinations. Teachers will be given another opportunity to boost their students confidence and self-esteem. These school bulletin boards can be artistically decorated as to grab and retain other peoples attention.

Indeed, school bulletin boards are becoming more and more popular. They play vital roles not only in extra-curricular vents in students lives, but in their education and self-improvement as well. Teachers, on the other hand, find that they are efficient tools in helping make the teaching and learning processes more fun, interesting, amusing, and creative.

Marl has helped a lot of people over the years with everything from school bulletin board, to school bulletin boards, so stop by and let us know if you ever need anything.