Electronic Signs Turn Small Messages Into Big Business

What messages is your business eager to get out into the world? Do you want to promote your store branding? Increase sales? Encourage your current customers to come back? Appeal to new customers? Managing all of these questions is at the forefront of business minds and finding effective ways to promote these points is key to pushing your business to do its best in the market place.

Electronic Signs Provide Professionalism

With the sharp, dynamic quality of electronic media, a sure way to increase the professional look of a business is to trade up from printed signs to digital signs. With the ability to customize both the messages and the size of the media, there are options for every business and every budget.

Old school fliers, posters, and window dressings can only provide one message each. These marketing tactics date quickly when sales or promotions end, seasons change, or clientele shifts, requiring constant cash flow to update them and then labor to physically change them. Instead of putting money into these older marketing methods, using electronic marketing provides a focal point for advertising that can be changed quickly and easily, providing vibrant messages for sales, seasonal changes, and clientele shifts. All of this is accomplished while looking professional and maintaining your budget.

Smart Solutions Provide Effective Communication

Electronic signs provide effective communications for various business models.

– General Retailers – Increase sales by promoting slow moving inventory right in the store while customers are making their purchasing decisions. Tempt them with higher margin items.

– Banks – Use the time while clients wait to entertain them and inform them. Provide information on current promotions and appeal to their sense of belonging with appropriate branding.

– Gas Stations – Appeal to customers at the pumps and encourage them to enter the convenience store through electronic media. Adjust the messages according to time of day, weather, and travel trends

– Restaurants – Entice your customers with weekly promotions and daily specials. Use electronic menu boards to save space and present a dynamic, professional image.

By attracting the attention of your current clients and appealing to future clients with branding messages, electronic signs provide an eye-catching, effective communication method between the business and its customers. Businesses that use electronic marketing have discovered that this quick and appealing communication results in a noticeable increase in sales.

Cost Effective Marketing With Electronic Signs

Changeable letter boards, posters, and other marketing materials are not as cost effective as electronic media in today’s marketplace. LED screens are safer to use, do not require constant changing, and they are also significantly more energy efficient than incandescent displays. These signs attract computer savvy customers with their sleek looks and vibrant messages, but also appeal to more traditional customers with their simplicity and non-invasive marketing.

Additionally, the dropping costs of computers and LCD displays makes marketing through digital media a cost effective proposition for most businesses. Combine the cost effectiveness of purchasing the hardware with the ability to customize messages, present professional imagery, and provide appealing marketing solutions and it becomes clear why businesses of all sizes are electronic signs to promote themselves.

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How can hacker hack into Nuclear Reactors isolated networks?

Critical infrastructures like Oilrigs and nuclear reactors have sophisticated level of information security training & solutions to protect against cyber attack. However hackers are thinking one step ahead of security professionals to hack to into critical infrastructure. Critical infrastructures have isolated network thus very difficult to reach through from outside world. For this reason hackers have developed malware like Stuxnet and Flame, which spread via USB devices as lot of information is exchanged using USB storage devices explain ethical hacker Mike Stevens.
USB drives are reusable memory storage devices that are plugged into a computer’s USB port and are commonly referred to as flash drives or memory sticks. You can wipe them any number of times and use them for different purposes.
The USB drives are so common these days that hackers have started writing malwares specifically to target them. Using these malwares hackers are able to hack into isolated networks like in nuclear plants. In this article we are going to talk about USB related malware with the help of information security solutions experts.


A USB flash drive is a data storage device that includes flash memory with an integrated Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface. A flash drive consists of a small printed circuit board carrying the circuit elements and a USB connector, insulated electrically and protected inside a plastic, metal, or rubberized case. Most flash drives use a standard type-A USB connection allowing connection with a port on a personal computer, but drives for other interfaces also exist. USB flash drives draw power from the computer via the USB connection.

Below mentioned are the parts of a flash drive:

Standard-A USB plug – provides a physical interface to the host computer.
USB mass storage controller – a small microcontroller with a small amount of on-chip ROM and RAM.
NAND flash memory chip(s) – stores data (NAND flash is typically also used in digital cameras).
Crystal oscillator – produces the device’s main 12 MHz clock signal and controls the device’s data output through a phase-locked loop.
Cover – typically made of plastic or metal, protecting the electronics against mechanical stress and even possible short circuits.
Jumpers and test pins – for testing during the flash drive’s manufacturing or loading code into the microprocessor.
LEDs – indicate data transfers or data reads and writes.
Write-protect switches – Enable or disable writing of data into memory.
Unpopulated space – provides space to include a second memory chip. Having this second space allows the manufacturer to use a single printed circuit board for more than one storage size device.

Some drives offer expandable storage via an internal memory card slot, much like a memory card reader. Most flash drives ship pre-formatted with the FAT32, or ExFat file systems. Sectors are 512 bytes long, for compatibility with hard disk drives, and the first sector can contain a master boot record and a partition table.

There are two kinds of USB malwares first is are USB disk firmware malware and second one is normal computer malware that run on USB disks Ghost malware. We are going to cover more details of each of these malware and how hackers are using them hack into isolated network of critical infrastructures like power plants, nuclear reactors etc.

1.USB mass storage controller Firmware Based Malwares

Hackers make these malwares by reprograming the firmware on USB mass storage controller removable USB drives. As the malware is injected inside the firmware, which is on the micro controller and not on flash memory (where we stores our files), the antivirus cannot detect the malware or its activity.
Mike Stevens, information security training explains that once the malware is injected inside the firmware the USB disk can do the following

1. The USB firmware malware can emulate a keyboard and issue commands on behalf of the logged-in user, for example giving root access to the hacker and infect other devices in the network.
2. The USB disk can act as network card and change the computer’s DNS setting to redirect traffic.

Trust given by Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems to Human Interface Devices (HIDs), such as keyboards, network cards is the reason behind this attack. As activities performed by the malware appear as though a logged-in user performed those activities. The USB with malware in firmware is detected as a HID by an operating system, and malware runs the script to give root control to the hacker. Antivirus cannot detect this kind of threat as antivirus thinks that a user is logged in and user gave access to a trusted person.

There are 3 different kinds of attack based on USB mass storage controller Firmware.


As explained before the an attacker will take a regular USB disk which contains a small microprocessor, inject malware into firmware and take root control of the computer with help of this malware. This type of USB is called BADUSB.

Types of attacks with BADUSB

Spoof as USB of 4 GB however it has a space of 32 GB where it will use rest of space to copy the data and later on upload to hacker server. Thus when you format the disk you only format 4 GB of space.
Spoof as a keyboard or mouse.
Spoof as a network adaptor.
Spoof as a phone or tablet.
Spoof as a webcam.
Spoof as an authentication bank token.
Spoof as printers and scanners.
Spoof as a Type-C plug for both power and data for new Mac book, Chromebook Pixel. For all its versatility, Type-C is still based on the USB standard, which makes it vulnerable to a nasty firmware attack. Thus would be attack via power cord.


STEP 1. Check for micro controller details

The first check the details about controller and the associated firmware. You need software like ChipGenius, CheckUDisk, UsbIDCheck, USBDeview to determine that. These are open source software and are easily available. They will provide you Chip Vendor, Part-Number, Product Vendor, Product Model, VID, PID.

STEP 2. Restoring the original firmware and check the firmware (Optional Step)

You can use the step to repair your USB also if for some reason you brick it. You can visit website like flashboot.ru and check for restoring software.
You can use VID and PID found in previous step to search for flashing software. You can download the MP (Mass Production) Tool like USBest UT16 tool according to your PID, VID and then flash the controller. This will restore your USB completely as new USB as per information security solutions experts.

STEP 3. Preparing for the injection of firmware with malware

We will cover the scenario of Toshiba USB drives having Phison controller. The tools needed are available on GITHUB.

You need to install Windows with .NET 4.0 installed and Visual Studio 2012
SDCC (Small Device C Compiler) suite to C:Program FilesSDCC (for building the firmware and patches) and reboot the machine after installing these.
Double click on DriveCom.sln, this runs Visual Studio. Run the project and compile. Then the DriveCom.exe is in the tools folder.
Do the same with EmbedPayload.sln and Injector.
Run DriveCom as below to obtain information about your drive:
DriveCom.exe /drive=E /action=GetInfo
where E is the drive letter. This should tell you the type of controller you have (such as PS2251-03 (2303)) and the unique ID for your flash chip.

STEP 4. Performing Flashing firmware operation

For flashing you will need burner images. These burner images are typically named using the following convention:
where xx is the controller version (such as 03 for PS2251-03 (2303)), yyy is the version number (irrelevant), and z indicates the page size.
z can be either:
2KM — indicates this is for 2K NAND chips.
4KM — indicates this is for 4K NAND chips.
M — indicates this is for 8K NAND chips.

You can download the burner image from Internet from websites like USBDEV.ru.
To build the custom firmware, open a command prompt to the “firmware” directory and run build.bat. You can try with firmware FW03FF01V10353M.BIN as 1.03.53.
The resulting file will be at firmwarebinfw.bin, which you can then flash to your drive.
It will also produce a firmwarebinbn.bin file, which is the burner image equivalent of the code.

STEP 5. Dumping the firmware

Once you have the image, enter boot mode by running:
DriveCom.exe /drive=E /action=SetBootMode
where E is the drive letter. Then transfer and execute the burner image by running:
DriveCom.exe /drive=E /action=SendExecutable /burner=[burner]
where E is the drive letter and [burner] is the burner image file name.
You can then dump the firmware by running:
DriveCom.exe /drive=E /action=DumpFirmware /firmware=[firmware]
where E is the drive letter and [firmware] is the destination file name

STEP 6. Injecting the malware into firmware

As per ethical hacking training professor of IICyberSecurity you can learn how to create an exploit payload and inject it in any code. However you can also get script from Rubber Ducky GItHUB page and with the help of Duckencoder you can create an inject.bin file from your script.
You can inject the payload into the firmware by running:
EmbedPayload.exe inject.bin fw.bin
Where inject.bin is your compiled Rubber Ducky script and fw.bin is the custom firmware image.

STEP 7. Flashing the firmware on USB disk controller.

Once you have the burner image and firmware image, flash it by running:
DriveCom.exe /drive=[letter] /action=SendFirmware /burner=[burner] /firmware=[firmware]
where [letter] is the drive letter, [burner] is the burner image name, and [firmware] is the firmware image name.

The above steps will lead to creation of BADUSB and this USB can be used to hack and do penetration testing. You can also create BADSD card which can used in phones and tablets to hack them. You can find in internet the video of information security solutions researchers showing how to modify the firmware of the SD card and inject malware into them.

1.2. USB Rubber Ducky or UKI (USB Key Injector)

Instead of creating your own firmware USB you can also buy USB that are sold in markets like USB Rubber Ducky or UKI (USB Key Injector). You can learn more USB Key Injector and USB Rubber Ducky in information security training of International Institute of Cyber Security.

1.3 Teensy micro controller board

Using a Teensy micro controller board with various types of software in order to imitate HID devices is the most traditional method. You can learn more about teensy in ethical hacking training.

2. GHOST USB Malware

This is like a normal malware but it runs only on USB devices and when it is inside a computer doesn’t do any activity. Criminals often use such methods to compromise isolated networks that are not accessible through Internet. The malware of this kind that was discovered recently was FLAME. In the case of Flame, the malware created a folder that could not be seen by a Windows PC, hiding the application and stolen documents from the user, mentions information security solutions expert. This opened up the possibility that people unknowingly carried Flame from PC to PC. Malware-carrying USB drives are effective in isolated networks holding highly sensitive documents, because portable storage drives are typically used to transfer data between computers on separate networks.
Flame can spread to other systems over a local network (LAN) or via USB stick. It can record audio, screenshots, keyboard activity and network traffic. The program also records Skype conversations and can turn infected computers into Bluetooth beacons, which attempt to download information from nearby Bluetooth-enabled devices. This data, along with locally stored documents, is sent on to one of several command and control servers of hackers. The program then awaits further instructions from these servers.

Prevention Measures

How to protect yourself from BADUSB, USB Rubber Ducky kind of devices

As per nuclear plant information security solutions expert Taylor Reed of iicybsecurity you can take following steps.

1. Connect only USB devices from vendors you know and trusted USB devices. For critical infrastructure like nuclear power plants and Oil Rigs, use devices which have firmware signed and secured by vendor in case somebody tries to break the firmware the devices will not work.
2. Keep your anti-malware updated. It will not scan the firmware but it should detect if the BadUSB tries to install or run malware.
3. Implement advance information security solutions, which will monitor the use of devices connected to your computer and any additional USB keyboard will be blocked.

How to protect yourself from GHOST USB malware

1. Keep your anti-malware updated.
2. Use Ghost USB Honeypot. Ghost is a honeypot for detecting malware that spreads via USB devices. The honeypot currently supports Windows XP and Windows 7.
3. The way Ghost works is that it first tries to emulate a USB thumb drive. If the malware identifies it as a USB thumb drive, it will trick the malware into infecting it. Ghost then looks for write-based requests on the drive, which is an indication of a malware. You can learn more about Ghost USB honeypot in ethical hacking training.

USB malware are very dangerous and immediate measures should be implemented to ensure the IT infrastructure security with the help of information security solutions experts.

As per ethical hacking training professor of IICyberSecurity you can learn how to create an exploit payload and inject it in any code. However you can also get script from Rubber Ducky GItHUB page and with the help of Duckencoder you can create an inject.bin file from your script.

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transcosmos Enters Into a Strategic and Equity Partnership With a Major Chinese E-Commerce Supporting Service Provider in Apparel, Magic Panda

Shandong Ya Nuoda E-Commerce Co., Ltd.

transcosmos inc. has agreed to enter into a strategic and equity partnership in eCommerce outsourcing with Shandong Ya Nuoda E-Commerce Co., Ltd. (hereafter Magic Panda), an E-Commerce supporting service provider expertise in apparels in China. A signing ceremony was held on May 29.

Magic Panda is an industrial leader of companies providing E-Commerce supporting service, expertise in apparel companies within China. Magic Panda prioritize customer experience such as merchandising, branding, marketing, customer support. They also provide O2O service. In addition, they have advantages in being familiar with trends and best sellers of merchandises concerning apparels, acquired from numerous experiences by supporting E-Commerce operations. Due to contributing to sales increase by involving in joint development of, products, merchandise, store design and marketing executions, Magic Panda is trusted by many brands. Furthermore, as a TMALL partner, Magic Panda receives Top-Level Gold Certification in apparel from TMALL, China’s largest E-Commerce mall for 4 consecutive terms.

Company overview of Magic Panda
Company name: Shandong Ya Nuoda E-Commerce Co., Ltd.

Representative: President Yina Dong

Location: Shandong Province Jinan City Gaoxin District Shunhua Road, Building 8, 2000 Shuntai Plaza 1-2402

Established: May 2011

Number of employees: Approximately 300

URL: http://www.nengmao.net/

We have received the following comment from Ms. Yina Dong, the President of Magic Panda: “I am confident that Magic Panda’s strategic tie-up with transcosmos will connect to improvement in international fulfilment response capability, introduction to global brand resources as well as globalization of the management team, and therefore will be able to provide richer and high quality solutions to our clients. In addition, all of our employees strongly believe that this strategic tie-up will lead us to a brighter future, and have been gaining confidence and courage.”

Since entering China in 1995, transcosmos has expanded its business, including off-shore development, call centers, BPO’s, digital marketing, and E-Commerce one-stop services. Recently, transcosmos has been committed especially on business expansion and promotion of E-Commerce one-stop service within the Chinese market. Transcosmos has a strong presence as an End-to-End E-Commerce outsourcing provider in China. Transcosmos received Top-Level partner certification in 4 departments, including apparel, baby, commodity, and automobile from TMALL in 2014.

From this tie-up, transcosmos is aiming to become the industrial leader by merging the know-hows that transcosmos and Magic Panda have and advancing in further business expansion within the apparel field.

transcosmos is a registered trade name or trademark of transcosmos inc. in Japan and other countries.
Other company names and product or service names mentioned are registered trade names or trademarks of various other companies.

About transcosmos inc.

transcosmos launched operations in 1966. Since then we have combined superior “human resources” with up-to-date “technological” capabilities to enhance the competitive strength of our clients by providing them with superior and valuable services. transcosmos currently offers Cost Reduction Services (Contact Center, HR/Financial/Sales Back Office, Order Management/SCM, System Development/Management etc.) and Sales Expansion Services (Big Data Analysis, Internet Advertising, Website Construction/Management, Smartphone/SNS Utilization, Telemarketing etc.). transcosmos continues to pursue operational excellence by providing these services through our 141 locations in 25 countries with a focus in Asia. Furthermore, following the expansion of E-Commerce market on the global scale, transcosmos provides a comprehensive, one-stop global E-Commerce service to deliver our clients’ excellent products and services to consumers in 45 countries. transcosmos aims to be the “Global BPO Partner” of our clients to provide them with high quality BPO services on a global scale.

Edenvale Shoppes Enters Into Relationship with ICRA to Further the Efforts of Providing a Safe Internet Experience

Green Bay, WI (PRWEB) July 5, 2007

Edenvale Shoppes announced today that it has entered into a relationship with ICRA to further the efforts of providing a safe internet experience.

“In addition to current measures such as Hacker Safe and Yahoo Secure Shopping that provide shopping and viewing security and reliability for our customers, we feel that users of the internet need the ability to determine what they are exposed to,” said Jesse Akre, President of Edenvale Shoppes. “The ability to label a site’s content as safe for viewing — void of any solicitations or materials that are considered offensive or vulgar, we feel is key at driving the continuous evolution of a save internet experience for all users, minor and adult. Leading internet safety advocate sites such as Netsmartz.org endorse the ICRA as a must have for internet content measurement and exposure.”

Internet safety is a growing concern. Recently, The FBI listed their top tips for child and teen internet safety.

There are some very important things that you need to keep in mind when you’re on your computer at home or at school.

    First, remember never to give out personal information such as your name, home address, school name, or telephone number in a chat room or on bulletin boards. Also, never send a picture of yourself to someone you chat with on the computer without your parent’s permission.
    Never write to someone who has made you feel uncomfortable or scared.
    Do not meet someone or have them visit you without the permission of your parents.
    Tell your parents right away if you read anything on the Internet that makes you feel uncomfortable.
    Remember that people online may not be who they say they are. Someone who says that “she” is a “12-year-old girl” could really be an older man.
    Further information can be found below.

Edenvale Shoppes is a leading internet retailer of niche home and patio décor items, home furnishings, as well as premium furniture for your home or patio. For more information on our products, visit one of the links below:

“We pride ourselves in the extensive and elegant offerings of outdoor patio furniture to each and every segments of the market,” said Jesse Akre, President of Edenvale Shoppes. “The products and manufacturers we offer are known for the prestige and quality that one expects from a leader in the outdoor furniture industry. Maybe you are looking for elegant teak chairs giving your friends in family style and class in their seating selection. Or maybe it is an elegant teak bench that your deck or patio needs. Our selection of fine teak furniture will be sure to give you a proper place for your guests to eat and socialize. If you haven’t relaxed in a while, treat yourself to an outdoor chaise lounge to bring the week to a close the right way. No porch or patio is complete without a teak porch swings. Couples and singles alike can enjoy a book or each other while swaying the day to a close. And finally, an investment that is sure to bring you a lifetime of enjoyment in return, the deep seating wood patio furniture collections. So no matter what your taste or budget, style or décor requirements, we are sure that we have something that will meet your criteria.”

So no matter what products you are looking for, shop with confidence at one of our online stores today.

Edenvale Shoppes at a glance.

Edenvale Shoppes was formed with a simple premise: To be one of the leading Niche e-Commerce companies…Period. To do this we knew we had to do three things well:

Offer Leading Products from Leading Manufacturers.
Have Websites that attract and capture.
Have Customer Service and Customer Support second to none.

Since early 2003, we have successfully executed the plan — and will continue to do so. Today, we are one of the e-commerce leaders in Niche Home and Patio Decor. We admit, not every desire can be quenched, nor every customer be absolutely satisfied. But we do know that our “Do it better and faster” mentality continues to impact everything we touch; the result – a more satisfied customer. Visit our sites today and indulge yourself – you deserve it.

Edenvale Shoppes LLC teak furniture– A BBBOnline certified and approved company.

ICRA at a glance:

ICRA (formerly the Internet Content Rating Association) is part of the Family Online Safety Institute, an international, non-profit organization of internet leaders working to develop a safer internet. With a history stretching back to 1994, ICRA has long believed that self-regulation leads to the best balance between the free flow of digital content and protecting children from potentially harmful material.

The centerpiece of the organization is the descriptive vocabulary, often referred to as “the ICRA questionnaire.” Content providers check which of the elements in the questionnaire are present or absent from their websites. This then generates a small file containing the labels that is then linked to the content on one or more domains.

Users, especially parents of young children, can then use filtering software to allow or disallow access to web sites based on the information declared in the label. A key point is that ICRA does not rate internet content – the content providers do that, using the ICRA labeling system. ICRA makes no value judgment about sites.

The descriptive vocabulary was drawn up by an international panel and designed to be as neutral and objective as possible. It was revised in 2005 to enable easier application to a wide range of digital content, not just websites.

Most of the items in the questionnaire allow the content provider to declare simply that a particular type of content is present or absent. The subjective decision about whether to allow access to that content is then made by the parent.

Please visit their website at http://www.fosi.org for further information.

FBI and the Federal Trade Commission:

To read more about new privacy rules, visit the Federal Trade Commission’s Web site at http://www.ftc.gov. There is a special section just for kids.



Exton, PA (PRWEB) August 26, 2008 – August 26, 2008

Scala®, a leading provider of end-to-end solutions for the connected signage market, today announced Scala InfoChannel 5 users will have direct access to AccuWeather.com’s high-definition content for digital signage through the popular “AccuWeather.com Content for Scala InfoChannel 5.”

As Scala’s premier weather partner, AccuWeather.com provides HD-quality weather and news- related content that draws attention to digital signage screens. Assisting in the development and execution of the integration was Téléciné Multimedia, a multi-media graphic design company and Scala Certified Partner. Téléciné creates world-class, award-winning content for digital signage deployments, specializing in multiple languages and multi-national networks. Together, the three companies focused on creating a full suite merging innovative creativity with superior production quality.

“Nothing draws eyeballs to digital signage screens like up-to-the-minute, relevant, local weather,” said Scott Homan, Meteorologist and Director of Out-of-Home Media at AccuWeather. “Now it’s easier than ever to experience the audience-building benefits with this sophisticated integrated solution for the Scala platform.”

AccuWeather.com’s Content for Scala InfoChannel 5 is based on AccuWeather.com’s library of modules and is fully flexible, allowing for branding opportunities and providing an extremely simple setup. Featuring highly localized, accurate, reliable, and quality-controlled weather forecasts for more than 2.7 million locations worldwide, AccuWeather.com provides entertaining broadcast personalities, animated Doppler radars, weather icons and unique weather indices.

“Having an integrated news and weather solution from AccuWeather provides easy access to dynamic feeds for Scala digital signage networks around the globe,” says Jeff Porter, Executive Vice President for Scala.

“This was a very exciting project for us. Scala users can now insert great AccuWeather content into any digital signage project, quickly and easily,” said James Fine, President of Téléciné. “Users can select from over 60 templates. You no longer need to be a programmer to give your advertisers the benefits of the huge bank of AccuWeather current, relevant and attractive data for digital signage. We designed and created the exact production tool that you wanted to have.”

The newly integrated content will be featured at the upcoming Scala Connected Signage Conference, September 14-16, 2008 in Philadelphia, PA. For those interested in a sneak peak of the AccuWeather.com’s content for Scala InfoChannel 5, a webinar will be held on September 4th, at 1:30PM EST. For more information, please visit http://www.accuweather.com/scala or send an email to mailto:sales @ accuweather.com.

About AccuWeather, Inc. and AccuWeather.com:

AccuWeather, The World’s Weather Authority®, presents accurate, localized, branded forecasts and severe weather bulletins to over 110 million Americans each day via the Internet, mobile devices and IPTV, through the airwaves, in print and on digital signage. The 113 meteorologists at AccuWeather deliver a portfolio of customized products and services to media, business, government, and institutions, and inform millions of visitors worldwide through the free AccuWeather.com website. AccuWeather also provides content onto more than 20,000 third-party Internet sites, including CNN Interactive, ABC’s owned and operated stations, The Washington Post and The New York Times. Visit http://www.accuweather.com for more information.

About Téléciné:

Established in 1986, Téléciné has been on the cutting edge of Digital Signage since the very beginning, starting with our first major installation in 1996.

Whether a client requires a completely unique in-store design for digital displays, the most creative content for those displays, or a full information system designed and installed worldwide, Téléciné has the people with the knowledge and experience to get the job done right. Téléciné has recently won international awards for its work including the Mobius Award, the Digi, POPAI and Marcom.

Téléciné has built its reputation for great Digital Signage by striving for the highest possible quality. Téléciné consistently delivers signage systems and content that meets all goals, and exceeds all expectations. More information is available at http://www.telecine.ca.

About Scala:

Scala is the leading global provider of dynamic solutions for the connected signage industry including digital signage software and advertising management software for both digital and traditional signage networks. The company’s connected signage solutions are used for dynamic signage networks in retail, education, entertainment, government and other industries for diverse applications such as retail advertising networks (retail TV), corporate communications (employee TV), digital menu boards, digital posters, community access channels (cable TV), hotel lobby signage and information channels, gas pump “toppers”, billboards, outdoor advertising, interactive touch-screens and kiosks, etc. Scala pioneered the connected signage industry and today remains the world’s leading provider of solutions for creating digital signage networks, driving more screens than all competitors combined. The Company provides enterprise class advertising management solutions for both digital and traditional signage networks to the world’s largest outdoor advertising companies including CBS Outdoor, Clear Channel Outdoor, Magic Media, Reagan, Adams Outdoor Advertising, and many more. The Company’s cutting-edge digital signage platform powers thousands of digital signs around the world including the digital signage networks of Rabobank, IKEA, Burger King, T-Mobile, Virgin MegaStore, EuroDisney, McDonalds, Warner Brothers, Ericsson, The Life Channel, Rikstoto, FuelCast, Repsol, Shell, NorgesGruppen and many more. Scala is today headquartered near Philadelphia, PA and has wholly-owned subsidiaries in Canada, The Netherlands, France, Norway, and Japan with a direct presence in a number of other locations and countries. More information is available at http://www.scala.com.

©2008 Scala, Inc. 350 Eagleview Blvd. Exton, PA 19341. Scala, InfoChannel, and the Exclamation Point Logo are registered trademarks of Scala, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective organizations.


CAYIN Technology Drives Deeper into European and Asian Digital Signage Markets

Taipei, Taiwan (PRWEB) May 4, 2009

CAYIN Technology, the professional supplier of digital signage solutions, will soon showcase a series of new products in a row from May 5th to 8th in Digital Signage Expo 2009 held in Germany and CAYIN Digital Signage Workshop in Taiwan. The main highlights during Digital Signage Expo are CAYIN’s new powerful digital signage player, SMP-WEBDUO, SMP-PROPLUS and advanced management software, SuperMonitor 2. Furthermore, the powerful functions and flexibility of these products in various DOOH applications will be the main idea throughout these two events.

SMP-WEBDUO, the most up to date and powerful digital signage player in SMP-WEB series, distinguishes itself with the capability of displaying Full HD video and controlling two screens simultaneously both in portrait and landscape screens.

In the case of digital menu board application, SMP-WEBDUO enables users to rotate breakfast and regular menus based on pre-set schedule. Price list and dynamic promotions can be presented on two screens respectively. In addition, eye-catching advertisements extended to two screens can create stunning and attractive visual effects.

CAYIN’s web-based media player supports most popular web language and can integrate easily with customers’ existing network facilities, including web server, database, storage, backup, and load balance. The player can also extend to integrate with CAYIN xPost, the value-added software designed for different vertical markets.

SMP-PROPLUS, the latest version of zone-type media player, can present up to seven areas for two stored/live videos, two image slide shows, a ticker, a clock, and a theme background. Through a handy tool invented by CAYIN, Skin Editor, users can create each zone with an instant upon preferences.

SuperMonitor 2 possesses essential features which allow administrators to monitor the most current status of multiple digital signage networks. In addition, users can manage and upgrade large scale of players through batch update which greatly saves cost and time.

To facilitate local markets and to provide an in-depth view of its new products to users, CAYIN will host a digital signage workshop on May 8th in Taiwan for the first time. In addition to five lectures with the most popular topics of digital signage, live demonstrations focusing on great flexibility and high integration capabilities of CAYIN’s products will be the key show. In the workshop, CAYIN invites seven partners specialized in their own fields in Taiwan, including display manufactures, content providers, and system integrators to share their hands-on experiences. Also, CAYIN and its partners will demonstrate how CAYIN’s products can flexibly integrate with database, environment monitoring, touch screens, and other commercial screens.

Welcome to visit CAYIN at Digital Signage Expo 2009, Booth 11A.15.

If you are interested in the CAYIN’s Digital Signage Workshop in Taiwan, please contact our media contact as well.

About CAYIN Technology

Cayin technology offers complete digital signage solutions, including media players, servers, and software for various commercial applications, such as digital bulletin board in schools, digital menu board in restaurants, promotion channels in retail, flight schedule in airports, and public information display system in hotels, corporate, convention centers, and governments. CAYIN is committed to being a reliable partner to its clients worldwide, and has successfully set up various application references internationally. In order to best facilitate the deployment of CAYIN products, the Company also provides tailored services to satisfy the ascending market demand for almost limitless applications.